Xfinity Flex Review


Xfinity Flex is a great starting point for streaming devices. One of the special features of this feature is that it can search the voice. And smart home device control and You can also monitor the home security system. Unlike other streaming devices, The Xfinity flex device works to make all apps free. Sadly, the applications here are limited.


Xfinity Flex is a 5 x 5 x 1 small box. On the back, the port includes ethernet, USB Type C, HDMI. This is a gray device, There are subtle designs on the surface. This box is on both sides While bending, not as bright as apple tv.


The Xfinity Flex device currently features an x1 remote control. There are volume and channel rockers on the top, and there are also media buttons.


This Xfinity Flex is easier to use than other streaming devices. Once the device is inserted, the device automatically connects to the home wifi network. We only ask for the password.

Application interface

The Xfinity button on the remote control can be accessed on the main page. The main page is pretty simple. The main page is divided into various categories such as Free for me, Live tv, Music and Today. At the bottom of the interface, various flow applications are selected.

For those who don’t want to scroll through the show lists here. Voice search in Xfinity is very useful. After pressing the mic button on the remote, When your title says it, Finding it among its applications Gives you a view

Applications and content

It includes a number of common limited applications, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Premium Cable Channels. That’s a big drawback here. Peacock is an upscale service in Xfinity flex. Applications for this device are expected to progress.

Smart home control

If you have a home security system, it is possible to view it through the Xfinity flex interface

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