What is OLED and Benefits of OLED Technology

What is OLED TV

All new TVs are made under two main technologies. That’s LCD and OLED. TV is the majority LCD. TVs with OLED provide better picture quality. This technology has been used for TVs and phones made by companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google in today’s world.



OLED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Every pixel you see on OLED TVs emit color and light. Therefore, OLED TVs do not need a separate backlight. There are variations in the quality of OLED TVs today. That’s because of the processors integrated into them. The processors differ from television models to models

Benefits of OLED technology

Monotone light

OLED TV technology allows each pixel to produce its own light. It gives the green natural color to the surface of the screen. You can achieve consistent image quality when viewing the screen from any angle.

The quality of pixels in an OLED TV

You can see a lot of detail in the pictures you see in the eye. But in the same picture, you will be disappointed when you watch LED TV. Due to the technology of displaying OLED, deep black and deep white The images show high quality. For example, in the night sky, the stars are very attractive. Due to self-contained pixels, motion blurring does not occur It is possible to see fast scenes.

Innovative designs for TV

OLED can be thinner than 1 mm. Therefore, very thin TVs can be made. To suit your room’s environment, Like a thin picture hanging on a wall. Television can put you. Because of this thinness compared to LED LCD TVs. Consuming less energy

OLED TV is easy on the eyes. The official light produced by the screens is minimal in these OLED televisions. Furthermore, it delivers low-brightness quality images

Response time and refresh rate of OLED Tv

Response time is the time it takes for one pixel to change (Brightness, color). OLED TV has had a very good response time. This allows you to view the images on the screen without disturbing them.

The refresh rate is the number of times the entire picture on the screen changes. Most new TVs have the ability to refresh 120Hz rates. That’s 120 updates every second. The refresh rate is measured in Hz.OLED tv has thousands of times more refresh rates than LED TVs.

The price of OLED TVs is comparable to the price of high end LED TVs.However, OLED TV is the future television technology.

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