Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor HDTV Antenna Review


Mohu Leaf Metro Antenna is a thin and small television antenna. This is very cheap. It can also be easily transported anywhere.

Mohu Leaf Metro design

The device has a very thin and flat look. It has a rectangular shape and is attached to the wire in the middle. The device is as thin as paper and can hide behind any surface and equipment on the wall. This device can also be used to decorate your home, while it comes in black and white variants.

Mohu Leaf Metro technology

Mohu leaf is based on technology developed to detect advanced explosives. This technology allows you to identify powerful Signals due to its flexibility and flexibility. One of the disadvantages of this device is its flatness. This is because the signal coming from all over the area is difficult to grasp. Finally, the Mohu leaf is the cheapest HDTV antenna available on the market, and its flat flexibility can also be applied to home decor. It also allows you to watch a lot of local channels, but unfortunately, the surrounding hills and other factors can greatly reduce the number of channels. This Mohu leaf metro antenna is listed for $ 40

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