Hisense H9F Price and Review


Hisense 4K H9F is a step up in Hisense’s H8F series. Hisense offers two sets of H9F 4Ks with the same technology.

Hisense H9F Average Price

55 inches Hisense 4K 55H9F $599.99
65 inches Hisense 4K 65H9F $899.99

This TV has been able to offer many features that people are looking for at a lower price. H9F Smart TV has Android TV experience and supports all the latest apps. Voice can also be controlled via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Hisence H9F TV ports

Four HDMI 2.0 ports to handle different types of 4k sources,
The TV includes coaxial antenna input, two USB ports, headphone port for audio systems, RCA audio and video jack.

Hisense H9F Performance

Quantum Dot is used to enhancing the color reproduction of this TV. Dolby Vision and HDR 10 also support this feature.H9F TV is an amazing choice for movie watching. Its colors are great to match. That is, the colors are active and detailed. Even minor variations between similar colors can be easily identified here. This range of colors is highly appreciated at such a price.

The H9F is a television with quantum dots. It adds even more appeal to this model. Quantum dots are a layer of nanoparticle semiconductor. Compared to other TVs with quantum dots, this TV is ahead of the competition.

As Hisense H9F Smart TV

H9F TV includes android operating system. The android Tv has gained a lot of acceptance in recent years. That’s because there are so many applications. However, Android Tv has many applications that are not found in Apple TV and Roku operating systems.

Hisense H9F android tv is not as bad as other TVs, but we think that the android OS should have a more powerful processor on the device. However, the existing processor provides a better user experience.

Chromecast device is very attractive with Android TV operating system. So you can get that experience from Hisense H9F TV.

Hisense H9F review Verdict

H9F is a good image quality TV. It is also a good android TV in this price range.But the Vizio M658 G1 or TCL 6 Series in this competition are also high quality TVs. But H9F televisions add competition to their price range.

Hisense 65H8G Quantum Series 65-Inch Android 4K ULED Smart TV (2020)


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