What is Nvidia Shield TV Pro

nvidia shield tv pro

Nvidia shield tv pro is the latest version of the android tv box and one of the best streaming devices on the market right now. The device also comes with a console and is a powerful tool for video games. It is packed with features that appeal to movies and sports fans. This device is a game console and streaming device.

Nvidia shield tv pro streaming device

This device contains many applications that can be streamed as a streaming device. At least you have access to all the major services like NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon video, sling Tv, Spotify, Pandora and Youtube. Using these services you can use the services provided by a streaming device to watch movies, enjoy music, etc.

As a gaming console

Even if your computer lacks high-end hardware, you can still play the world’s most popular PC games through services like Geforce Now. This service is available in Build Nvidia shield tv device.

The Geforce Now service is available online through Nvidia’s remote servers. This is a service similar to Google Stadia. The recommended internet speed for your fixed 1080P / 30Fps game streaming is 25 Mbps.

You will not need complex computers in the future, you will be able to play the best computer games through this service. It also provides access to advanced Android gaming. Nvidia shield tv pro Undoubtedly designed for computer players.

 nvidia shield tv pro

Along with the old device, the new 2019 NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro features the new.

Compared to the console of the 2015 NVIDIA SHIELD TV device, the new console is designed to be smaller and lighter.

The previous NVIDIA SHIELD weighs about 4.4 pounds, but the latest device weighs about 2.05 pounds. It is a technology advancement

As with the 2015 NVIDIA SHIELD TV, the 2019 NVIDIA SHIELD devices are also equipped with ethernet and wifi.

The latest remote control is in prism shape and includes a Netflix button.

The latest NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro includes technologies like HDR 10 + Dolby Vision, Decode and Passthrough Dolby Atmos, and Bluetooth 5.0 that has never been seen before.


The Nvidia SHIELD TV Pro comes with a 256 core Nvidia GPU, Tegra X1 + processor, and is faster than the older model.

Smart Home Compatibility

If you have Samsung smart thing devices like Camera, Hubs, Sensors, Bulb, and Button, you can control them via Wifi, Bluetooth. You can set up commands to see if lights, doors, and windows are closed from the Pro device.
Nvidia shield tv pro supports Google Assistant and Alexa, you can control movies, music using your voice.

Nvidia shield tv pro Price

The Nvidia Shield TV device is available for as low as $ 149.99 and the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is priced at $ 199.99.

What’s in the Box

  • NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro micro-console
  • Power cord
  • Support booklet
  • SHIELD TV Pro remote control
  • SHIELD TV Pro Quick Start guide
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