How to Control Your TV using Alexa

Alexa device

Alexa has the ability to control a large number of smart devices in the home, including controlling the TV. Using Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant you can do a lot of things like watch TV shows, movies, actors, change channels.

How to control your Fire TV with alexa

If you have a fire tv or fire tv stick device, you can control it in two steps. Using the remote control only works with second-generation and later fire tv devices.

Step 1

Turn on your TV and change its input to Fire TV, after which you will see the fire tv home screen of your TV.

Step 2

Hold down the microphone button that came with the fire tv device (this button is not included in first-generation devices.) When you hold the button, a blue-colored line should appear above the TV. Then submit your request to the device

How to control your cable or satellite TV using Alexa

If you have an amazon echo, echo dot or other alexa enabled device you can control your TV using only your voice. To do this you need to connect your alexa device to the cable box. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone
  2. Go to settings in the menu on the left
  3. Select the TV And Video
  4. Select your device (Ex. Fire TV)
  5. Select the appropriate Alexa device to control your TV.
  6. Once you have selected the Alexa device, scroll down and press the Link Devices button. Now you should be able to control the TV using the Alexa device.

What can amazon alexa do

The function of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant is to support the control of various systems. Alexa is included in some devices and is even included in current cars. (The cheapest Alexa device you can get is the echo dot.)

Alexa can play music, provide information, give game scores, tell the weather, tell the news, and control smart homes.

What smart home Alexa can do

smart home

Alexa has a special interest in smart home management. In addition to providing information, it also has the ability to connect to and control your home devices.

For example, bulbs like Philips Hugh and Ikea that can be connected to Alexa, you can turn off the activities through your voice. And if you have a heating controller in your home, you can know the temperature of your home by Alexa.

What you can ask alexa

You can ask Alexa a lot. Alexa can even identify your tastes. You need to connect to the relevant app via Alexa to get some services on Alexa (Ex. You need to connect to the Spotify app to apply for listening to music)

Examples of what you can ask Alexa

“Alexa”, What is in the calendar?
“Alexa”, how is the weather?
“Alexa”, how is the news today?

Etc. A large range of orders can be made.

Supported applications with Alexa

Many companies have partnered with amazon Alexa.

Uber- If you want to travel from home, ask alexa.

Fitbit- Alexa works with the Fitbit app so you can sleep, how much you sleep, and much more. You can inquire from Alexa.

Thus Alexa works on a large number of applications.

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