Top 10 Benefits of Smart TVs

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What is smart TV

The concept of smart TVs changed the way TVs were viewed by attaching an antenna to a TV. There is no definite definition of a smart tv, but its functionality is similar to that of a smartphone, so a smart TV is a device designed with special features that can connect to the Internet and include applications.

There are many new smart TV models available today and they are very competitive. The high-end smart TV is built on the voice-supported smart home concept and offers you a large amount of content to watch in addition to local channels. In this guide, we are going to offer you a huge range of benefits that you can get from smart TVs.

Ability to use streaming services

Streaming services emerged as an alternative to digital downloads and DVDs. The specialty of these services is that you can select the movie or TV series you want and watch it. But there are disadvantages to using streaming services. These include having a good internet connection and having to buy streaming devices.

But if you have a smart TV with a good operating system (Ex: Android TV OS, Tizen) you can easily get the streaming experience by downloading streaming apps. Below are some such flow services.

Youtube TV
Apple TV Plus
Sling TV
Disney +
Amazon Prime


Smart TV can stream music, video, or even the screen of those devices to your smart TV from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without the need for any cable.

This capability allows you to use the big screen instead of your small screen.

App Store for Smart TVs

What is OLED TV

Your smart TVs are intelligent, but the technology is updating in a blink of an eye. So having a store where you can download different apps can be very useful for you. Some smart TVs run their own app stores under that brand.

Smart TVs based on an OS like Android have a Play Store with nearly 600 applications. Firefox OS for Panasonic smart TVs also runs their own store.

Several Apps for Android TV

MX player
Sideload Launcher
X-plore File Manager
Google Drive
Wake On Lan
Steam link
Google Chrome

Connect to the Internet

The Internet is required to run the streaming service and various services on your smart TV. It uses wired Ethernet or wifi. (Most current smart TVs support 802.11AC Wifi.)

If your smart TV does not receive enough wireless internet signal, it may affect the performance of your TV. However, by connecting your smart TV to the internet, you can reap many benefits.

High picture quality on Smart TVs

flat screen

There are various resolution levels available in the smart TV market from 720P upwards and above. If you want to buy the best TV, you can buy TVs with Ultra HD, 4K resolution.

Smart TVs are specifically designed to do smart things. That smart function can be defined as watching movies through streaming services. So if you watch something like Netflix, most of the movies it contains are 4k or Full HD. Therefore, many companies that make smart TVs are working to provide the highest quality picture quality for smart TVs for the most part.

Fast User interface

One of the must-have features of a smart TV is its fast response. You know the inconvenience of not having a TV, but a mobile phone or a laptop. Therefore, manufacturers are working to ensure that the new concept of smart TVs is not slowed down in the development of the OS.

Android can be considered as the leading OS for smart TVs. In that OS, the process of executing applications, switching between applications, etc. takes place in a very smooth manner. Its Home menu is very attractive.

Below are some of the smart TV OS.

Android TV
Roku TV
Tizen OS
Fire TV Edition

Web Browsing feature on smart TVs

Doing Web Browsing on your TV connected to the Internet is not a big deal. If you have a smart TV, it includes a web browser. Or you can download them from the given app store.

You have to make an effort to type the words that are relevant to web browsing. Or you can type from the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen. In the newer versions, the standard windows keyboard and mouse can be connected to the TV’s USB port to type. So that work can be done very efficiently.

As a Smart TV Media Player

By using your TV as a media player, you have the opportunity to watch your media on a larger screen beyond your smartphone or laptop (Imagine the pleasure of watching a photo shoot for all your family from one place)


Music streaming can be considered as a unique function that can be achieved by considering the activities of your smart TV. If your TV has an audio system this feature should be very interesting to you. Go to your TV App Store and check if you have your favorite music stream app (Spotify). Then you can download and enjoy them.

Playing games using Smart TV

Gaming For TV

If you can use your TV to watch movies and listen to music, why not use it to play games? There are apps for many smart TVs, such as streaming services like Google Stadia and Geforce Now. What they do is stream the games onto our TV. This requires a good internet connection, but the following information affects the flow of the game.

Latency / Lag
Hz/ Refresh Rate
4K / HDR
Video Inputs

Control smart TV by voice

Although voice commanding device control a few years ago was amazing, it has now become as commonplace as controlling mobile phones and various devices in the home. It’s something that is even on TV today.

A microphone is embedded in the remote control, in the streaming box connected to the TV, or on the TV itself. Some TVs can be connected to the phone and controlled by voice.

Today’s smart TVs include the ability to open and close various TV applications by voice, find a variety of movies through the streaming service, and even turn the TV on and off.

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