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The best free streaming services are not to compete with Netflix. But they are at a good level. Featuring the best free streaming service ads. Those ads run for 30-60 seconds. But the service is available for free.

Some provide free Streaming streaming live channels, while others provide on-demand content

The Best Free Streaming Services

1. Peacock

Peacock TV

Live TV is available.
Registration is not required.

Supported Devices – Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xfinity Flex, PlayStation, Web

This service includes over 13,000 hours of content. You do not even have to enter credit card information for Peacock. But you will have to watch the ads.

2. Roku Channel

Live TV is available
Registration is not required

Supported devices – Roku devices, Android, IOS, Samsung TV

This service is included with all Roku devices. You can also download the app on your mobile phone. You can access this service without registering for an account. This service provides on-demand content.

3. Crackle

No live TV.
Registration is not required.

Supported devices – Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox One, Web

Crackle, a pioneer in the free flow space, is very different from other transport services.

There is a movie library here so you can have a very interesting experience using this service. A special feature of this service is the availability of content created by Crackle itself.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto tv

Supported devices – Web, Apple TV, Android, Roku, Firestick, Chromecast

Pluto TV is a great service that offers on-demand content and lives TV. There are even channels that broadcast Pluto TV movies 24/7. Such channels cost a considerable amount of money for other streaming services.


Supported devices – Chromecast, PS4, Apple TV, Android, IOS, Web, Xbox

Launched in 2014, the service features a large number of good movies and TV shows. There is also a special library for preschoolers. Although somewhat less content compared to the main services, tubi is available on most streaming devices, smart TVs, consoles, and browsers.


IMDB can be identified as a popular website for identifying and testing actors and actresses. But it does have content available for free. You can watch them through prime videos or through the website.

At the moment IMDB TV is only available to US consumers. This service is completely free and there is no way to send ads.

If you have the Amazon Prime service, you can access the entire TV library on IMDB.


Supported devices – Fire Stick, IOS Android, Apple TV, smart Tv PS4, Web

This service is also a free service. Therefore, registration is not required to obtain free services. Although not as robust as the other services on this list, it does have some content.

Supported devices – Chromecast, Android, Smart TV, IOS, Apple TV, Fire Stick

Is a popular website for selling and buying movies. This service includes a number of other services as well as some content.

This service is not a free service. But there is no monthly fee. It usually costs $ 1-6 to rent a movie and $ 1-25 to buy a movie.

This service is for those who do not want to pay a monthly fee for those who want to buy videos and movies.

9.Sling Free

Sling TV
image source – commons.wikimedia.org

Supported devices – Android, Fire TV, Web, Roku

The Sling service is a great option for watching live TV. They have recently been working to deliver on-demand content to consumers.

This service contains over 5000 movies and no credit card information or registration is required to watch them.

The Sling service can be named as the best service on this list and is the best cable TV option.

If you need other packages in Sling, you can get them for a fee.


Live TV is available.

Supported devices – Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku Smart TV, Web

Registration is not required

Is another service that provides content on demand. The application can be downloaded from various operating systems such as IOS, Android, Roku.

You can watch live TV here and it is more suitable for watching news and sports. There are about 190 channels in this service and they are of different types.

The XUMO service also offers on-demand movies.


snagfilm is a free online movie viewing website launched in 2008.

The service includes a wide variety of movies that you can easily watch.


Another streaming service that offers movies and TV series free of charge.

There is no charge to view the content and registration is extremely simple.

So knowing how to deal with that service is not so much a hassle.

Another feature of this service is that you can watch movies without having to enter personal information such as credit card information or address.

Supported devices – Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Android, IOS, Fire TV


Hoopla is a fairly special service.

This service is only available to library card holders in the US and Canada.

Those users are facilitated by things like TV shows and movie music.

This is also a completely free service and does not have live TV facilities.

How to get the best streaming service for you

Fortunately, all the services on this list are free, so there is no need to make a choice. However you will not be able to use all the services so you will need to choose one or more of these.

You can consider criteria such as the amount of content, live TV, support devices, etc. when choosing a service out of these services.

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