Top 10 Best Smart Tv Apps

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Most smart TVs include an operating system. Some apps are embedded in the OS and we can download some apps.

Android OS, one of the most popular OS for Smart TV, has a huge App Library. Other operating systems like Tizen, WebOS, TVOS, etc. are available in smart TVs.

There are different App Store for these different OS.

So below we have talked about some of the most useful applications for Android OS.

1. MX Player

MX Player

MX Player was once considered the best video player on Android. Features provided by this Media player include support for subtitle files, easy access to files on local files, and easy access to external drives.

This MX Player is a great companion for anyone with a USB port.


2. Netflix

netflix on tv

This app is mostly embedded by manufacturers in smart TVs.

If not, you can go to the relevant store and download this app.

This is a must-have app for movie lovers and includes thousands of movie TV series.

This is one of the most valuable paid apps that you should have on your TV.


3. Google Chrome


This app is very useful for web browsers. Although web browsing on TV is not very practical, This app is very useful to instantly search for something that is going on while you are watching TV. Smart TVs can be plugged in with Mouse, Keyboard, etc., making this process easier to use on TV.


4. Spotify


The music channels on cable tv are full of ads. Playing that is not so sweet to the ear. Spotify is the answer.

If you play music on youtube, the quality of the music is not high. Youtube was created for video. But Spotify is a great solution for high-quality music. This service allows you to play music for a very low monthly fee.

If your TV is connected to an Entertainment System, Spotify can produce high-quality music.

You can also have more fun with this service by using the helpers like Google Assistant that are included for smart TVs.

For these reasons, Spotify is a must-have app on a smart TV.


5. Hulu

If you want to live TV and on-demand content on the same service, Hulu is a perfect service.

This app supports any device like Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV and this app can be easily used on PC or mobile phone as well.

So this app is a must-have app on your Android TV.


6.Google Drive


If you have a smart TV in your office, this is a must-have app on your App List.

You can easily upload your computer-generated messages, important information, etc. to Google Drive.

Unfortunately, this application is not available in the Android tv Play store, but you can easily download and install the APK file.



Android TV devices support Google Cast. This allows devices such as the Chrome browser and Chromebook to stream content directly to your Android TV.

But if you have an Apple device, Airscreen can be used as an application that can be used for that. This application supports to stream the screen on Apple devices.


8. Kodi

Kodi is another great option where you can watch content. It has an endless stream of adolescence, allowing for live video, TV viewing, weather information, news, and more.

Kodi is the best solution to watch IPTV for free.



This is a relatively new addition to the Smart TV.

The main function of this is to provide what we do on TV. It’s normal for people to be addicted to something. So this app is very useful to get rid of it.

This gives you records in days and weeks. You can also use different apps on the TV to remind viewers to stop and lock apps.

This is the most suitable application for TV and can be considered as a must-have application for entertainment devices.


10.Send File To TV

This is an application used to send files to TV. It is very easy to use to transfer videos, photos, or music to your smart TV. However, this app is very helpful to send files wirelessly without any interruption.

To enable this, devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Satisfied with the speed at which it works, this is one of the best applications for sharing files with TV.


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