How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV

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how to add apps to Vizio smart tv and how to download apps on Vizio smart tv

The general expectation with smart TVs is to be able to add your favorite apps and enjoy what those apps offer. People expect something more than a normal TV from a smart TV.

Vizio Smart TV has allowed you to download your favorite apps in the past, and that feature changed with the launch of the 2016 Smart Cast.

We will show you in this guide what are the options for downloading apps to Vizio Smart TV.

The contents of this guide

  • Best Vizio TVs of 2020
  • How to Add SmartCast Core Apps
  • How to Add Other Apps to a SmartCast TV
  • Adding apps on a VIA + TV or VIA
  • How SmartCast Works
  • How to Update a VIZIO Smart TV
  • Update Apps On A Vizio TV
  • Update apps on a newer Vizio TV
  • How Do I Set Up Amazon Prime On My Vizio TV?
  • Delete a Streaming Service From Your My Apps List

Best Vizio TVs of 2020

P-Series Quantum 65-Inch
Vizio M-Series Quantum 55″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV
P-Series Quantum X 75-Inch
P-Series Quantum X 65-Inch
SmartCast E-Series 60-Inch

How to Add SmartCast Core Apps

In addition to casting content from a smartphone or tablet, the main apps installed on TVs with Smartcast can be accessed directly on the screen without being cast.

  • Netflix
  • Newsy
  • Plex
  • Pluto TV
  • Prime Video (Amazon)
  • Redbox
  • TV Games
  • Vudu
  • Watch Free
  • Xumo
  • YouTube
  • YouTubeTV
  • Bable
  • CBS All Access
  • CBS News
  • Cocoro
  • ConTV
  • Crackle
  • Curiosity Stream
  • DAZN
  • Dove Channel
  • Fandango Now
  • FilmRise
  • FitFusion
  • FlixFling
  • Haystack
  • Hulu
  • iHeart Radio
  • Love Destination
  • NBC

You can use Vizio’s Customize App Row feature to make Core application management easier. You can use it to place your favorite apps in close proximity.

  1. Select Customize App Row from your remote control.
  2. Use the left and right arrows to select using the cursor and move the application to the desired location and click Done.

How to Add Other Apps to a SmartCast TV

You can use the Smartcast mobile app to download apps to Vizio Smart TV. If you want to add apps that are not in the preliminary list of pre-selected apps, you need to add them to your smartphone. This means that applications that cannot be added to your TV are cast over the phone.

The process is the same as using a Chromecast device.

  1. Go to Google Play or App Store
  2. Select a Chromecast Enabled App and install it
    3.After installation, the application is ready to be cast.
  3. To cast the application, open the relevant application, and click on the Cast logo at the top of the smartphone screen.

Adding apps on a VIA + TV or VIA

Most smart TVs have a number of applications that already have VIA and VIA + installed. But you can add many more apps from Vizio App Store.

Learn how to add more apps

  1. Press the V button on the Vizio remote control.
    2.Then you will be taken to the App Store options. Click on one of those options.
    (All App Or Category)
  2. Select the apps you want to add that are not currently on your list.
  3. For a TV with VIA, press OK and your app will add to the viewer selection.
  4. For a TV with VIA +, press OK until the app is added to my list of apps.

How SmartCast Works

The Smartcast is based on the Google Chromecast, which allows you to stream TV content from your mobile phone or tablet. This means that the Chromecast is built into the TV.

But the Smartcast can do more than just cast.

Update a VIZIO Smart TV

It is important to update your Vizio smart TV to get the most out of any model. Firmware updates can add new features and even fix current issues.

Below is how to update Vizio TV.

  1. If the Vizio TV is connected to the Internet, check it for periodic updates
    2.When there are new updates, the TV will queue up to download it after deactivation.
    3.If the TV is turned on while it is being updated, the TV will postpone the update.
  2. When the update is complete, the screen displays that a new update has been installed.

Update Apps On A Vizio TV

There are many generations of Vizio smart TVs, and app updates vary from generation to generation. Vizio is basically of two types. These include older VIA and VIA + and Smart CAST models.

If you want to update Vizio VIA or VIA + TV apps, you have to do it manually. This may require removing the VIA applications and reinstalling or updating the firmware.

  1. Press the V or Via button on your remote
  2. Select the application you want to update and press the yellow button
    3.If you see an update, do it, or choose to delete the app.
  3. Make your choice
  4. Now go to the App Store using your remote
  5. If you have an app to update or have previously removed, select that app
    7.Then allow the process to complete

Update apps on a newer Vizio TV

Vizio uses the new generation Chromecast technology called Smartcast. It lets you stream content directly to the TV using your phone. These newer models do not require manual updating. They update automatically when you are not using the TV. But you can change it to be done manually if you want.

How Do I Set Up Amazon Prime On My Vizio TV?

Easy to set up on Amazon Prime Vizio. You can log in to your Amazon Prime app, enter your username and password, log in, and enjoy the content.

Delete a Streaming Service From Your My Apps List

  1. Highlight the specific application you want to delete. A delete submenu will then appear.
  2. Click OK next to the Delete option. The application is then removed.

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