5 ways to connect a computer wirelessly with a smart TV

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In this guide, we will talk about how to connect your smart TV to your computer. Due to the high quality and widescreen, you connect the computer to the TV.

Can I mirror my computer on my Smart TV?

Of course, it is possible. Your computer can be connected via a technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or using a device.

Even a non-smart TV can be easily connected via a device like Chromecast. Some TVs include the ability to connect computers during production. We talk about it all below.

How do I connect my Smart TV to my computer

There are many ways to connect your smart TV to your computer without having to use a wire to completely mirror it. We will talk about those methods one by one.

Connect Wirelessly PC to TV using Chromecast


First, connect the Chromecast device to your TV and access the TV’s HDMI.

This process requires that the Chromecast device and your computer be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1 Now click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser and go to Cast

2 Now select Cast Desktop from that menu. Then select your Chromecast device

3 Now start casting the desktop

Using Wireless HDMI kits

This is also a great solution for you to connect your TV. This is a device that connects to your HDMI. Connect it to the TV and connect the other device to your computer so you can easily build a connection between the TV and the computer. Such a device is shown in the figure below.

connect your Apple laptop to your Smart TV

apple tv

If you have an Apple laptop, you can use the Airplay feature to mirror the screen for a smart TV, but you must have a smart TV that supports it.

Most smart TVs support Airplay, and most have Apple TV or Airplay 2 enabled devices. Smart TVs such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio largely support this (check it out).

1. Connect your Apple Laptop and TV that supports Apple TV or Airplay 2 to the same Wifi water.

2. Open the app on your laptop or go to the webpage you want to stream video to

  1. In the video controls, select the screen mirror icon
  2. Now select Apple TV or Airplay Active TV

how to connect the computer to Samsung smart tv wirelessly

Smart tv apps

Before you can connect your computer to your Samsung TV, you need to connect both these devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Once there, you can easily stream the video, picture, and music on your computer to the TV.

How to set up a PC

First and foremost, make sure your TV and computer are connected to the same network

1 Select Windows Media Player from your windows computer.

2 Now through the stream menu, select Enable Media Flow and click the Media Flow button

3 Now those devices are listed Find Samsung TV and check the box to access the files and transport the contents from the computer

4 Select File Library on your computer, right-click, and select New and Shortcuts. Then go to the content you want to share.

Samsung TV setup

1 Go to your Samsung tv menu and select all sharing settings and content sharing on the network.

2 Select your computer from the list of devices.

3 Now press the SmartHub button on your remote control. Now select the photos, videos, and music out there

4 Select Media Type and find your computer in the list of networked devices. Open the folder and find the video you want to play on your TV and play it

How to install 3rd Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV

How to connect a laptop to Vizio Smart TV wirelessly

Vizio uses the Cast option to connect a smart TV wirelessly.

Its steps are as follows.

  1. First, download the latest version of Chrome on your computer and open it
  2. Connect Vizio TV and computer to the same Wifi network
  3. Now open the Chrome browser from the computer and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Cast from the options available
  5. Now look at the Cast to option and select the DropDown arrow and select Cast Desktop
  6. Now click on the Vizio TV option below Cast TO
  7. The contents of your computer are now displayed on your Vizio TV.

If you want to finish it, select the Casting option in the Chrome browser and click Stop then you can stop casting.

How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV

Connect PC to LG Smart TV Using SmartShare

  1. Turn on your LG TV
  2. connect your computer and TV to the same network
  3. Now go to the Start menu on the computer and search for Media Streaming Option. Now go to Media Streaming Option
  4. Click on Enable Media Flow
  5. Now check the box next to your LG TV name and click OK
  6. Now press the Home button on the TV remote
  7. Select the smart share option.
  8. Go to the device
  9. Select your computer
  10. Select the medium to play it.

How to Connect PC to TV with HDMI

This is a traditional method and can be easily done for non-smart TVs as well.

All you need is a cable to connect to HDMI.

Not all computers have an HDMI port, and older computers have VGA or DVI cables. Computers with this port can use a USB To HDMI adapter

  1. First, connect one end of your HDMI cable to the computer and the other end to the TV
  2. Now go to TV Source and select HDMI from those lists
  3. Now go to Settings to go to Start to recognize TV by computer. Go to Systems, click on Display, scroll down and click on Reveal
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