5 Ways to Use WhatsApp on Your Smart TV


In this guide, we will talk below about how to use WhatsApp on your smart TV and whether you can use WhatsApp on non-smart TV.

2022 Updated

Users of the top-rated communication program WhatsApp can send and receive text messages, pictures, videos, location information, documents, and contacts and make audio and video chats with people all over the globe over the internet. Payment may also be made using WhatsApp. Officially, WhatsApp is compatible with iPhones, Android cellphones, Windows, and Mac computers.

However, it would help if you made an effort to view video calls on a larger screen when you are on a video call. Is it thus feasible to use WhatsApp on your television set? You can use WhatsApp on your Android TV by installing the app or using the service’s web version. Either way, the answer is yes.

Install WhatsApp on Android TV

  • [1] Activate the Android TV and verify that the device is connected to the internet.
  • [2] From the home screen, choose the tab labeled “Apps.”
  • [3] Launch Google Play Store and choose the Search icon from the menu that appears.
  • [4] In the space provided, type the word “downloader.”
  • [5] Choose the Downloader app from the list of apps found in the search.
  • [6] To begin installing the Downloader app, click the Install button.
  • [7] Once complete the installation, go back to the home screen and choose Settings from the menu.
  • [8] Navigate to the Device Preferences menu and pick the Security & Restrictions option.
  • [9] Please choose the option for Unknown sources, then choose the Downloader app and activate the toggle that is available next to it.
  • [10] Now, launch the Downloader software, and when prompted, choose to Accept from the menu.
  • [11] Enter the URL for the WhatsApp Android TV app in the tab that asks for it.
  • [12] Pick one. Go to the website where you may get the WhatsApp apk file.(You can copy this from websites like apkpure.)
  • [13] Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to install it on your TV and immediately run it.
  • [14] To begin using WhatsApp on your Android TV, you will first need to log in using your cell phone.

How to use WhatsApp on Samsung TV Using Samsung Phone

Samsung smart TV
  1. Ensure that both your smartphone and your smart TV are linked to the same Wi-Fi network by checking their respective settings on both devices.
  2. Enable the Screen Mirroring feature on your Smart TV by pressing the Menu key on your remote control and, navigating to the Network menu, then selecting Screen Mirroring.
  3. Open the notification panel on your smartphone and tap the symbol for Smart View to begin the process of activating Screen Mirroring on your device.
  4. Choose your television from the list of available devices, and you’re done! On TV, you’ll see the video calls you make using WhatsApp.

How to Cast Whatsapp

How to Set up Chromecast

  • First, ensure that your Chromecast is plugged incorrectly.
  • Connect Chromecast to your TV using the HDMI cable.
  • Attach the power supply to your Chromecast using the USB cord.
  • Insert the other end of the USB power cable into the power adapter provided, and then connect that adapter to a power outlet.
  • Download the Google Home app as the second step.
  • You may get the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet by downloading it.
  • Third, Perform the setup for Chromecast.
  • To get started with Chromecast, follow these easy setup steps.
  • Fourth, Distribute the material.
  • Find out how to cast content from Chrome onto your television and how to stream content from Chromecast-enabled applications onto your television.

Screen Mirror Whatsapp using Chromecast with Android Smartphone


Establish a connection between your smartphone and Chromecast using the same wireless network.

  1. Download the Whatsapp app from the Google Play store and run the installation.
  2. After that, start the WhatsApp software on your device and configure your account.
  3. After that, choose the person you wish to talk to via the video call.
  4. Select the Video Call icon located at the top of the screen.
  5. At this point, launch the Notification Panel even though the WhatsApp program will continue to operate in the background.
  6. After tapping Cast, choose the Chromecast device from the drop-down menu.
  7. After that, go back to the video call so you can see it on your television.

Chromecast WhatsApp using iOS Smartphones


Installing the Chromecast Streamer program from the App Store onto your iOS device is the first step you should do before beginning the casting process.

  • (1) Using your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store and download WhatsApp. Before continuing, check to see that you can access your account.
  • (2) Launch the Chromecast Streamer program on your device.
  • (3) Select “Cast” from the menu at the top of the screen. It will look for Chromecast devices in the immediate area. When it is found, you should touch on it.
  • (4) When you get to the next screen, choose the Screen Mirror option.
  • (5) To begin the screen mirroring process, you must now click the icon labeled “Tap to Start Mirroring.”
  • (6) When the confirmation pop-up appears, click the button that says Start Broadcast.
  • (7) The display on your iOS device is duplicated on the television linked to Chromecast.
  • (8) Launch the WhatsApp app and either play the video or see the status on your device. It is going to show up on your television.
  • (9) To discontinue the screen mirroring, click the Tap to Start Mirroring button again or exit the Chromecast Streamer software on your device.

Chromecast WhatsApp using PCs

  • (1) Open the Chrome web browser on your computer and right-click anywhere inside the browser.
  • (2) Select the Cast option from the menu.
  • (3) Your computer will seek a Chromecast device in the neighborhood.
  • (4) Select the Cast Tab by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Sources button.
  • (5) Go to WhatsApp Web on your computer and link your WhatsApp account using your mobile device.
  • (6) You may play any videos or status updates on WhatsApp. It is going to show up on your television.
  • (7) You may stop the mirroring by clicking the Cast button, tapping on the Chromecast device, or closing the Chrome browser.

The most famous and effective means of communication today is WhatsApp. It is one of the instant messaging programs that support encryption from end to beginning. You may cast WhatsApp to your TV using Chromecast, even though WhatsApp was not designed to support casting or mirroring.

You can watch WhatsApp calls, videos, and photographs on a larger screen by casting the WhatsApp app to Chromecast and viewing it on a larger screen. This is useful if you want to see these things on a larger screen. The landscape state in WhatsApp is just another argument in favor of mirroring the screen.

Can You use WhatsApp video calling on a smart Tv?

Yes, it is definitely possible. You can easily use WhatsApp on your smart TV by downloading WhatsApp to your smart TV or casting WhatsApp on a smartphone.

Many people use WhatsApp calls via smartphones. But it’s not that good. Due to problems in making video calls through that phone.

  • You look weird because the phone is close to your face.
  • Inability to maintain your professionalism during a video conference.
  • The extension of your hand is visible at the same time while trying to keep the charm of the phone away.

Download WhatsApp on my smart TV

You can use the App Store on Smart TVs to download WhatsApp. Or you can download WhatsApp to your TV as a third-party app. We have already shown you some tips on how to download TV apps. We will list them below for different models.

How to install 3rd Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV

How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV

How do I install WhatsApp on a smart TV?

Once you have downloaded WhatsApp to your TV from the App Store or a third party method, it takes seconds to install.

It can be done as easily as installing a WhatsApp APK on a mobile phone.

  • But even though it is installed through WhatsApp APK, it is designed for smartphones. So problems can arise.

But there are successful ways to do it. We talk about them below.

How to mirror Whatsapp using Chromecast


When using Whatsapp on a Chromecast, casting occurs. There are three types of casting.

  1. Mirroring using iPhone
  2. Screen mirroring using Android phones.
  1. Mirror the screen with the Chrome browser.

Using Whatsapp with Chromecast on iPhone and Ipad.

All you need for this is the Streamer For Chromecast app.

  1. You first download the application and launch the application.
  2. Now click on the Cast Icon in the app
  3. You can find the name of your Chromecast by clicking on Cast. Click on it and connect.

Note: You must have your TV connected to the Chromecast device. You also need to connect your Chromecast device and your iPhone to the same network.

5.If your device is connected, you can click on the Screencast option.

  1. Now click on the Start Broadcast option

Now your iPhone screen will appear on your TV. Now you can launch WhatsApp from your iPhone and make video calls. Then you will see it on the TV bar and we will not have the problems mentioned above.

How To Use Whatsapp With Chromecast Using Android Phone

As mentioned earlier, the Chromecast device must be connected to the HDMI port on the TV, and the Chromecast device and your phone must be connected to the same WIFI port.

1.Now go to the settings on your Android phone

  1. Click Connected Devices on the Settings page
  2. Now click on the related preferences
  3. Click on the Cast option on that page
  4. Now click on your Chromecast device and connect.

Now that you are informed about Cast from your phone, proceed on it. It should be noted that the process varies from phone to phone.

However, once the process is complete, you can make video calls through WhatsApp.

How To Cast WhatsApp On TV From Your Desktop Or Laptop?

The first thing you need to say is that the WhatsApp Web feature in WhatsApp is used for this and this is a very simple method.

  1. Open Chrome Browser on your Desktop or Laptop.
  2. Go to web.whatsapp.com and load your WhatsApp account into your computer
  3. Now click on the three dots in the right corner of the Chrome browser and go to Cast

Note: Connect your Chromecast device and computer to the same network.

  1. Now it will show your chromecast device.
  2. Go to Sources, click the Cast Tab and click on the chromecast native name.

WhatsApp Web View will now appear on the TV screen.

WhatsApp Video calls from iPhone to Fire TV Stick


You may remember we told you earlier how to stream Whatsapp using Chromecast.

Now let’s see how to stream iPhone with FireStick.

The first thing you need to do is connect the iPhone and the Firestick to the same network.

  1. First of all, download the Airscreen app from the Firetv App Store
  2. Now open the application, go to Start and click Start
  3. Now open the Control Center on the iPhone
  4. Go to its screen mirror and select your FireTv device.
    Now you can mirror WhatsApp on your TV using FireTV.

Stream WhatsApp from Samsung phone to Samsung TV

The networking feature of Samsung TVs allows you to easily connect a Samsung phone to your TV.

  1. Connect your smart Samsung phone and your Samsung tv to the same network
  2. Now press the Menu button on your TV remotely and go to Network> Screen Mirror
    3. Then activate the screen mirror on the Samsung mobile phone, click on Smart View in the notification panel
  3. Now you will be shown a list of devices. You can select your TV from them and connect it to the TV.

Now you can easily mirror WhatsApp on Samsung tv.

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