Best Way to Connect Fire Stick to Samsung Smart TV


In this guide, we are going to talk about how to Best Way to Connect Firestick to Samsung Smart TV

Video streaming is the most popular way to watch the video in the world today. That’s because of the rapid popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more.

There are various devices for streaming video and Amazon Fire Sick is one of the most popular devices among them. It is easy to use and can be connected to any TV. If you have a Samsung TV, we will teach you how to connect a Fire Stick device to it in this guide.

What is the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is another tool that adds to your home streaming technology. It comes in three models: Amazon Fire Stick Lite, Standard, and 4K. So no matter what version of the pan you have, plug the Fire Stick device into your HDMI port and you’ll have access to your favorite TV shows, movies, music, photos, and games. The Amazon Fire Stick is very easy to use and allows you to take your media anywhere.

You can easily watch things like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Youtube. Fire Stick also supports Voice commands. This means that it can be controlled with Alexa-enabled devices.

What you get with the Fire TV Stick

If you are going on vacation you will not be able to take your smart TV with you. But you can carry a Fire Stick device. That is the advantage here. When you go somewhere, take the Amazon Fire Stick device with you and connect it to a TV so you can see your content instantly.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can access all Amazon Prime content instantly as soon as you connect to any TV. That is a special advantage of this device.

amazon fire stick Requirements and Compatibility

Your Samsung TV must be compatible with Amazon Fire Stick technology. All it takes is an HDMI port on the Samsung TV and HDTV support.

In addition, you need the internet to use the Amazon Fire Stick. If you want to watch different content in HD Quality, you can recommend a fixed Wifi network.

You will also need to link your Fire Stick to your Amazon account. By completing the above requirements you will be able to easily view content using the Amazon Fire Stick.

Can I use a fire stick with my Samsung Smart TV?

Of course, it can be done. You can use the HDMI port of your Samsung TV and connect the Amazon Fire Stick to it and you can easily use the Fire Stick from a Samsung tv.


1 First, connect the USB cable that came with the device to the Micro USB port on the Fire Stick.

2 Then connect the other end of the cable to the power adpter.

3 Insert your Fire Stick into the HDMI port of the Samsung TV.

4 Now you start the TV and select HDMI on the TV. You will now be shown the screen on the fire stick. Wait a minute now

How to set up Remote

First remove any part of the remort and put AAA batteries in it

1 Now press and hold the Home button for a few seconds. Then go to the discovery statement and the pairing will take place.

2 After pairing the remote for how to connect, start the setup process by clicking the Play / Pause button.

3 Then select the language and follow the simple process that comes up.

Connecting the Fire Stick to Wi-Fi

You first come to the Home menu of the Fire Stick. You go to its settings and go to its network and see there go to All Network. It will then show you your Wifi network. Now enter the password and connect it.

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Registering the Fire Stick with Amazon

If you ordered the Amazon Fire Stick through Amazon, the Fire Stick device is already registered in the account where you ordered it.

But if you ordered it any other way. It needs to be registered. Here’s how to do it

If the Fire Stick is not registered you will be shown two options on the screen. This will allow you to select “I’m new to Amazon.” Then you can easily create an account by following these simple steps.



It is not a difficult task. You connect the Amazon Fire Stick device to the TV and follow the steps above

Then follow the steps below

The fire stick needs an adequate power supply. Therefore a power adapter is required.

1 Connect one end of the USB power cable to the MicroUSB on the Fire Stick and the other end to the power adapter.

2 Connect the Fire Stick to the HDMI of the Samsung Smart TV
(Fire Stick only supports HDMI 1.4 feature.)

3 Now go to TV HDMI. It is starting to load now.

4 Now set the remote and pair it with the Fire Stick.

5 Go to Fire Stick Network Setup and connect an active internet router to the TV.

6 Start watching your favorite channels now with the Fire Stick that connects to the TV with your Amazon account


If you do not want to use HDMI with AMAZON FIRE STICK and can not use HDMI, there is an option for that too. You need to use an HDMI AV converter.

To do this, follow the steps below

1 Connect your HDMI AV Converter to the HDMI connector on the AMAZON FIRE STICK.

2 Then connect the three Av cables of the converter device to the AV port of the TV.

3 If you want to power your converter, power it too.

4 Power on the Fire Stick as well. (You can use the Converter for that.)

5 Now you need to choose AV instead of HDMI on the TV. Now proceed as above.

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Because an Android phone cannot be connected directly to the TV. You can easily view the contents of the phone by mirroring the phone screen.

The steps for that are as follows.

1 With the help of apps like All Connect, All Cast you can mirror the phone screen to the Fire Stick.

2 Go to the Play Store and download one of the above mentioned apps.

3 Download the same application you downloaded to Fire Stick

4 Now connect the Fire Stick and the phone to the same network

5 Now launch the downloaded app and follow its simple steps (process steps vary from app to app)

6 Now you can easily follow its steps and mold the screen and play the contents of the phone.


Activating the 4K contents of the Amazon Fire Stick is a very easy process, it will only affect your internet speed. To do this, follow the procedure below.

1 First open the Home screen of your FIre TV

2 Now scroll down the main screen and find the Settings option for

3 Now select the Screen and Sound option that appears at the top.

4 Find and select the View option

5 Select the Video resolution option and you will find that Auto Mode Default is enabled for playing 4K content.

6 If not, select the Automatic option.

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