How to Get Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV

Sling tv

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to use Sling TV on Vizio smart TV.

Sling TV is often the best medium streaming medium for kids and sports content. Sling is a premium streaming medium that costs you about $ 30 a month. You can get a variety of features here, such as live TV, and this is by far the most popular streaming platform in America.

There are two types of Vizio TVs, VIA TV, and SmartCast TV, and you can install a separate application for the smartCast. But the Sling tv Vizio is not in-app store. But Vizio SMart TVs have different options for using Sling tv. You can easily use Sling tv by casting.

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Sling TV available on Vizio TV

Yes, but you can use the Sling tv app by casting Unfortunately you will not find the Sling tv app in the Vizio TV App Store. But you can easily cast and watch Sling tv from a mobile phone or computer. Below is a step-by-step guide to that method.

How to Cast Sling TV in Vizio Smart TV

Sling tv is a device that supports Chromecast technology. The Vizio Smart TV also includes the Chromecast feature. So the Sling tv app can be easily molded for our Vizio TV. The process is as follows.

1 The first thing to do is download the Sling TV app from your iOS or Android device.

2 Now connect your Vizio TV and your phone to the same WIFI network.

3 After that, open the Sling TV app and log in to Sling TV with an account.

4 Now open a video of your choice and play it.

5 Now open it and click on the Cast Icon in the upper right corner of the video.

Cast icon

6 Now click on it and it will show you the devices next to it. Now select your Vizio Smart TV from it.

Now your video will be shown on your TV.

How to Cast Sling TV in Vizio Smart TV using computer

You can use Sling tv on your phone as well as your computer and watch it on your computer. The complete process for doing this is shown below.

1 The first thing to do is go to the Sling tv website through your chrome browser and log in to your account.

2 Now connect your computer and your TV to the same wifi network.

3 Now play the movie you want to watch it.

4 Now click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. Now go to Cast you will now be shown the name of your TV Now click on it and connect to it

Now the Movies you play are shown on your Vizio Smart TV.

Alternative way

sling tv Preview

There is an alternative way to do this. If you have a problem with the Chromecast on your Vizio tv, you may find it helpful to do so. All you need to do is connect an external device like FireStick or Roku to your Vizio tv so that you can easily cast the Sling tv as before. (If you have a problem with Vizio tv’s Chromecast technology, you can use this method.)

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Problems You may have

Can I update the apps on my Vizio TV?

Yes, it can definitely be done. There are several methods for this and below is one method.

1 The first thing to do is access the Vizio App Store. To do this, press the V button on the remote of the VIZIO VIA TV.

2 Now go to the app you want to update.

3 Now press the yellow button on remote

4 Now if you see an update button, click Update. If it does not show up, click the yellow button, and then the Delete app

5 Now go back to the Vizio App Store and reinstall the app you deleted. Now you can see the latest version of that app.

What is SmartCast on Vizio TV?

SmartCast is an application that allows Vizio to play shows, movies, play content, and launch streaming applications. This application can be used to cast various devices.

How do I cast Sling TV to my Vizio Smart TV?

You can use a mobile phone or computer to cast Sling tv content to your Vizio smart TV. This can then be easily used by casting.

What are the sling TV packages?

Sling TV has 3 packages to choose from. They are Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue.

1.Sling Orange $ 30 / mo
2.Sling Blue $ 30 / mo
3.Sling Orange + Blue $ 45 / mo

The Blue and orange packages here are the same price though. This allows you to choose from a variety of channels and features. Sling Orange + Blue is a collection of Orange and Blue packages that include all channels.

Sling tv is cheaper than most services like Hulu, Youtube TV, Fubo TV.

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