How to cast YouTube Kids Roku on iOS & Android?

Youtube Kids

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to cast YouTube kids app on Roku

How to cast YouTube Kids Roku on various devices?

In the modern world, one of the best and easiest ways to educate young children is through the internet. But in doing so, we have to pay special attention to whether the internet is safe for children or not. Most of the time, the internet presents distractions and morally questionable content that is not suitable for kids. For young children, it is vital to have a medium to access the internet appropriately. They have less social understanding, interactions, and experience compared to mature adults. And, the probability of them easily getting manipulated and distracted in the tech world is higher than that of adults. Youtube kids Roku is the perfect solution for all these problems.

There are ways to achieve internet safety for children. Among them, Roku and YouTube Kids present themselves as a great combination. As a device that can only play content from selected services, Roku is a reliable way to provide suitable content for kids. And YouTube kids, as an exclusive video channel for kids, will only provide content for children making it the best educational channel for youngsters.
YouTube kids Roku will provide young children considerable immunity from all the negative impacts arising when using the internet. In this article, let’s see how Roku and YouTube kids act together to provide an unparalleled service in educating children and ensuring their internet safety.

What is Roku?

Roku is a digital media player by American company Roku, Inc. Roku will allow you to watch media content from online services like Netflix, Plex, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. Low cost and easy usage have made Roku earn an influential place in the digital media player market.

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is a children’s video app. It is a product from the American company YouTube to provide a more contained environment for kids to explore YouTube. As a specifically children-oriented video hosting service, YouTube kids have many features. There are parental control features and curated selections of content. It also filters videos so that certain age groups can only watch content appropriate for them. YouTube kids make it easier for parents to guide children in their online journey.

Cast YouTube kids on Roku

Roku remote

With Roku, you can select the specific media content service you want to have on your device. Then, only the content from that chosen service will stream. It works great with YouTube kids to provide a safe streaming environment for children. Because when you have only YouTube kids in your Roku-connected device, it restricts children from accessing other contents and channels on the internet.

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So, let us see how to cast YouTube kids on Roku.

Youtube Kids

⦁ First, you have to connect your Roku device to the TV and connect to the internet.
⦁ Then, install the YouTube app. You have to access YouTube kids through the YouTube app as there is no separate app for YouTube kids.
Launch the YouTube app and search for YouTube Kids title to access videos and stream on your TV.((This only applies when casting by computer.))
⦁ Apart from TVs, you can have Roku in android phones, iPhones, and PCs with the Windows operating system. To do so, you need to enable the screen mirroring function on Roku.
⦁ On Roku, go to settings and tap on the system settings menu.
⦁ Choose the Screen Mirroring option.
⦁ Set the mode to Always Allow.

Below is the step-by-step guide to set up Roku and YouTube kids on each device.

Cast YouTube kids on Roku using Android

Connect both Roku and the android device to the same WIFI network.
⦁ From Google Play Store, select YouTube kids and install.
⦁ Launch the app and set it up on your device.
⦁ Minimize the YouTube kids’ app and go to the device settings.
⦁ From settings, find the Cast menu.
⦁ When your android device searches for nearby wireless devices, select your Roku device.
⦁ Allow permission to mirror the screen.
⦁ Relaunch YouTube kids and stream the contents you want.

Cast YouTube kids on Roku using iPhone

Connect both Roku and iPhone to the same WIFI network.
⦁ Install YouTube kids, complete the setup process and minimize the app.
⦁ Get the ‘Mirror for Roku’ app from the App store. iPhone needs this third-party app, ‘Mirror for Roku’ for screen mirroring.
⦁ Install ‘Mirror for Roku’ on the Roku device and launch it.
⦁ Install ‘Mirror for Roku’ on iPhone and launch it.
⦁ Allow necessary permissions.
⦁ When the iPhone searches for nearby devices, select your Roku device.
⦁ Select Start Mirroring and choose Start Broadcast to mirror the screen.
⦁ Minimize the app.
⦁ Relaunch YouTube kids and stream the content you want.

Cast YouTube kids on Roku using Windows 10 PC

Go to YouTube Kids, and log in using your given Google account.
⦁ Press Windows + P keys on your keyboard.
⦁ Select Connect to a wireless display menu.
⦁ Select the Roku device and mirror the PC.
⦁ Search for the content you want on YouTube Kids and stream it on Your PC.

Roku with YouTube Kids provides a safe internet environment for kids. Parents are free from worrying about the content their children are watching, and it discourages children from misusing the internet.

Roku YouTube parental controls


In Roku, you can set up parental controls. Visit and sign up for your account.

Then, under PIN Reference, select Update. You can choose Parental Controls PIN Reference from options like little kids, young kids, and teens to set up Roku to suit your children.

Sign in to YouTube kids account to customize parental controls. You can perform functions like block content, allow only approved content, turning search off, clearing watch and search history, pause watch and search history, and only allow to watch the selected video.

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How can your children benefit from the digital world?

⦁ Improve language skills
⦁ Problem-solving
⦁ Access to unlimited resources and knowledge
⦁ Hand-eye coordination

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