3 Ways to watch Dailymotion on Roku?

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In this guide, we are going to talk about How to Watch Dailymotion on Roku Streaming Devices

Daily Motion is a famous video-sharing app that allows you to post videos such as YouTube. In addition, videos from independent creators of content, premium partners, and more are available. This will enable you to discover all news, trendy news, top music, sports, and so much more. To benefit from Dailymotion’s service, you need to register a free account. Updates of individuals and channels can be followed by creating an account—multiple devices, including the streaming Roku, access Dailymotion. You may play videos directly on your huge screen with the Roku streaming device. Roku gives you a superior digital streaming experience in all of your streaming in HD resolution. Did you try to download Roku on Dailymotion?

It is difficult to think that the world’s second-largest video streaming site has no Roku Channel of its own. More interesting is that Dailymotion no longer has its own private Roku Channel. The once known “Dailymotion” secret code is now an old thing.

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So, how do you access Dailymotion on Roku?

Viewing a secondary screen on your Roku is the last remaining option. In other words, you will only be able to screencast and mirror. Next, you need to install the Dailymotion app on your Android smartphone or utilize the app on a Chrome browser to cast or mirror Dailymotion.

How to watch Dailymotion on Roku Using Android

1 – Use the HDMI port on your TV to plug the Roku into it.

2 – Allow your Android device and Roku to connect to the same WiFi network.

3 – Go to the menu option for Roku Device settings.

4 – Activate the option Screen Mirroring. (To do this, go to Roku Settings> System> Screen mirroring> Enable screen mirroring. And Always allow it)

5 – To install the Dailymotion app on your phone, open the Google Play Store and install it.

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6 – Open the “Connection and sharing” option in the Settings menu.

7 – Select the “Cast” option.

8 – For this purpose, click Cast toggle. You are now looking for the devices available for casting on the smartphone.

9 – Find your Roku device in the search results, and then select it.

  • This varies depending on your Android phone model. So be on the lookout for it. Most often it is in the Notification Panel of Android phones. (EX: Samsung SmartView)

10 – Open the Dailymotion app on your smartphone and watch your content on the linked devices.

11 – It is now possible to mirror your smartphone display on your Roku TV.

How to watch Dailymotion on Roku Using Windows or Mac

1 – Use the HDMI port on your TV to plug the Roku into it.

2 – Allow your PC and Roku to connect to the same WiFi network.

3 – Open the settings on your Roku device and select the Screen Mirroring option.(To do this, go to Roku Settings> System> Screen mirroring> Enable screen mirroring. And Always allow it)

4 – Have the Google Chrome browser open on your computer on Windows or Mac.

5 – To access the Dailymotion web address, navigate to the address bar and type the URL as shown: https://www.dailymotion.com/

6 – If necessary, log in to Dailymotion.

7 – Right-click on the web page for Dailymotion and choose the Cast option.

8 – A prompt comes with all possible devices, and a source dropdown is provided for you to select the specific device.

9 – Choose the tabs and choose the name of the device to cast.

10 – The casting will begin, and the Dailymotion window with its content will show on the connected TV screen with Roku.

How to watch Dailymotion on Roku Using iPhone(IOS)

  1. The first thing you need to do is connect the Roku device and the iOS device to the same Wifi network.
  2. Then open the Control Center on the iPhone and tap on Screen Mirroring.
  3. You need to configure your Roku device to display screens. For that go to Roku Settings> System> Screen mirroring> Enable screen mirroring. And Always allow it
  4. Now tap on Screen Mirroring and your Roku device will show up there. Click on it and connect.
  5. A code is then displayed on the Roku screen. Insert it in the iPhone and press OK.
  6. Then your iPhone screen will start to mirror.
  7. Now you can download and use the Dailymotion app on your iPhone. You will then see it on the Roku TV screen.
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I would prefer not to screen mirroring to use the Dailymotion video service on Roku. But, instead, what could I do?

Want to watch Dailymotion on Roku but don’t want to cast from your phone, computer, or laptop? Moving to a streaming device such as the affordable Amazon Firestick is undoubtedly the best option.

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Is there a private channel code for Dailymotion?

There aren’t any private or certified channels available for Dailymotion on Roku. Using “Dailymotion” to enter your Roku account, there used to be a secret, hidden Roku private channel code. This private channel has been discontinued. There is no downloading or sideloading of Dailymotion on Roku, though. This further destroys the little hope which we had as working ways in the back of our brains.
A fast and lag-free approach is brought to you using the “Web Video Cast” app for iOS or Android. Additionally, obtaining Dailymotion on Roku is simplified with this tool. It is more user-friendly than a laptop. Additionally, it can also be used as a replacement for your Roku remote.

Dailymotion is a free, sadly not available, video-sharing service on the Roku channel store. You can access the latest stories breaking across the world with this app. The only way to get Dailymotion videos on your TV screen is using Roku, Casting, or Screen mirroring.

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