How to Setup Hisense Smart TV Remote App

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In this guide, we are going to talk about how to use the Hisense TV Remote App for Hisense smart TVs.

Hisense smart TV is one of the best smart TVs that can use many features. This is a typical budget TV brand. But it also offers high competition for other smart TV companies. If you want to buy an HDR or 4K TV, you can buy Hisense Smart TV for less.

Despite the low price, there is no shortage of features offered by these TVs.

This remote control app is also a feature of this TV.

Hisense Smart TV is mainly in two parts. It depends on the operating system. These are the Android-based Hisense TV and the Roku-based Hisense TV. So below is how to set up a Remote application for these two OS.

How to set up Hisense Smart TV Remote App

How To Set Up Remote App For HiSense Android TV


The Android app used here can be used for all Android TVs. Below is how to set up this application.

1 First of all you can download this remote control app on your Android or IOS

Google Play logo
App Store Logo

2 Now open the downloaded application.

3 Connect your Android TV and phone to the same Wifi network.

4 Policies must be accepted at App startup. To accept and click go ahead.

5 Select “Allow” to access the remote control application.

6 Now select your Hisense Smart TV from the devices shown and enter the PIN code.

7 You can now use the app to control Hisense Smart TV.

How To Set Up Remote App For Hisense Roku TV

TV Remort

With the Roku Remote app for this Roku TV, you can do something more than the app we used before. With this app, you can even add Roku channels to your TV. Here’s how to set up this application for Roku.

1 The first thing to do is to connect your Roku TV and phone to the same Wifi network.

2 Download the Roku Remort app to your phone now.

Google Play logo
App Store Logo

3 Now you can download it, open the app and click Continue.

4 Then you will Find Hisense Roku TV.

When your TV is shown there, click on it and connect.

5 Now you can access the smart TV by clicking on the remote tab.

6 It shows different buttons on your remote. It allows you to perform different controls.

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Frequently Asked Question


Fix Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working Issue

If the remote control on your Hisense smart TV does not work, there are several ways to fix it.

1 Check the batteries

The reason your remote is inactive may be due to battery expiration. So check the batteries.

2 Try restarting the TV

Maybe the remote control is not a problem. The problem could be on TV.

So turn off the TV and keep it on for a few minutes. If the remote does not work then try resetting the TV.

If none of the above methods work, you can use the Remort App.

Can I control my Hisense TV with my phone?

Of course, it is possible. You can easily control the TV using the Hisense Remote app on your phone. This guide talks about it in its entirety.

Will any Hisense remote work on any Hisense TV?

The universal remote control works easily with all Hisense TV models and no setup is required.

You can add batteries to the universal remote control and start using it. But you can approve the Hisense TV Remort app for Hisense smart TVs. So use apps for Hisense smart TVs when the remote is off.

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How to Install Apps on a Hisense TV (Not Hisense Android and Roku TVs)

There are several applications that come with Hisense smart TVs.

It also has a Hisense app store. This allows us to download applications. Its steps are as follows.

1 Go to the Home screen and go to Hisense App Store. Use the remote for that.

2 Now you can search for the application you want.

3 Go to the searched app.

4 Now press the green button on the remote.

Then the application will start installing.

  • This method is not for Hisense Roku and Hisense Android TV.

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