2 Ways to Watch Fios TV on Roku Devices

Fios TV

Fios TV is a digital cable television service with over 425 channels to choose from. It has more detailed sports packages, premium channels, spa Spanish pack packages, and international channels. Fios TV has a mobile app called the Fios TV app that lets you watch any content anytime, anywhere on your smartphone and tablet. It is not compatible with any TV device, including Roku, Android TV, and Smart TV. To use the Fios TV app, you must have a Fios TV cable subscription.

Prerequisites for this process

Be sure to check out the following before mirroring Roku’s Fios TV app.
● Connect/activate your Roku device.
● Make sure both the rookie device and the streaming device are connected to the
same WiFi network.
● Make sure the screen mirror wall is always set in the settings.

How To Watch Fios TV From An Android Device

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1) If you are waiting to stream from an Android device, go to the Google Play Store app, search for Fios TV, and install the app.

Google Play logo

2) After installing the app, go to your Android device’s settings and select ‘Device
Connections’ or ‘Connection Settings’ depending on your device.

(This feature varies across phone models. Most phone models have this in the Notification Panel. / You can also Screen Mirror using the web video caster application.)

3) Select ‘Broadcast, Multi-screen or Smart View’ depending on the device model,
enable or disable the feature.

4) A list of devices appears.

5) From the list, locate and select your Roku device.

6) Then, log in to the Fios TV you previously installed on your Android and play any

7) Check to see if the content you are currently watching is visible on your rookie TV.

8) You can now stream Fios TV from your Roku device.

How To Watch Fios TV From An iOS Device

Roku remote

1) If you have an iPhone or iPad, firstly open the App Store.

2) To find and install the Fios TV app, go to the Search tab.

App Store Logo

3) This time go to Search and install the Mirror for Roku – Airbeam TV app.

App Store Logo

4) Once Mirror is installed for the Roku app on your iOS device, open it.

5) From the list, select your Roku device for the Mirror.

6) Your Roku device prompts you to install a mirror for the Roku channel.

7) To create a mirror for Roku, add channels.

8) After adding the channel, open the Mirror for the Roku channel.

9) Re-select your Roku device in the Mirror for the Roku app.

10)When asked to allow screen notifications, select allow the notification.

11) To start reflecting the screen in Roku, click the Start mirroring icon.

12) In the pop-up window, tap Start last broadcast.

13)You can now use your Roku device to watch all the content from your Fios TV

What Are The Facts You Need To Know About Verizon Fios TV?

Verizon Fios TV packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of TV
viewers. And when you sign up for the Fios service, you don’t just get diversity. You get credibility from a supplier with high points of customer satisfaction. Verizon Fios TV ranked # 1 on customer satisfaction in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index in 2019 and has peaked at the highest level in the last few years, scoring 70 points. Since Fios TV is not a Verizon cable TV, there is no such thing as a “Verizon Fios Cable.” Instead, Fios uses a new type of connection, a fiber-optic network that provides high-speed Internet and television services to your home if you live in a covered area.

However, it is important to check to see if your home will receive Fios service. And also, due to the high cost of fiber optic deployment, Verizon has limited access to Fio, which only serves metro areas across nine states. Several Verizon TV packages are starting at $ 50 per month. The good thing about Fios designs is that you can customize them. You pick five of your favorite Verizon channels, and then the company recommends Verizon channel packages based on your preferences – all without a deal.

Roku tv in Home

Notable Verizon Fios TV Features

Verizon Fios TV has several unique features, including a customizable app. The option to personalize your channel choices gives the app a huge boost among customers. Please find out more about whether the service makes the right choice for your home with the features it offers.

● Fios TV App: This app lets you watch all of your favorite shows on the go. Remove your smartphone and open the app, then all your programs are at your fingertips.

● Personalization: Many providers force you to purchase a large channel package that you do not view. Verizon Fios TV allows you to customize your layout to only pay for the channels you watch.

● Sample Service Availability: Fios allows you to test them by providing a test drive package. For $ 50, new customers can avail the Fios TV service for 60 days. Once the trial period is over, Fios will recommend the best plan for you based on your viewing habits.

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Frequently Asked Question


What is Fios TV App?

The Fios TV app is a Verizon service for streaming your favorite channels, movies, and videos on demand. And also, Fios TV customers can download the Fios TV app for free. Specially, you can stream live channels such as sports, news, and more. Get your favorite movies, DVR recordings, on-demand videos, and more with the Fios TV app. Live streaming is only available in the Fios TV app in the United States and the United States. If you are a Fios TV customer, you can use premium channels, sports packages, and much more at an extra cost. The Fios TV app has access to over 400 channels and 225,000 on-demand topics. Android phones, iOS devices, and Amazon Kindle and Fire devices support the Chromecast Fios TV app.

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Subscription Plans of Fios TV

Fios TV Test Drive

This is an additional cost of $ 56 per month, including taxes and supplies. You can get over 425 channels. After using this plan for 60 days, they will suggest suitable plans for you.

Your Fios TV

This is an additional cost of $ 56 per month, including taxes and supplies. You can get over 125 channels and choose 5 of your favorite channels. They will suggest plans that suit you.

More Fios TV

This is for $ 76 per month and is an additional expense for taxes. You can get over 300 channels. Get lots of usual channels and local games.

The Most Fios TV

This is for $ 96 per month with additional costs for taxes and supplies. Get over 425 channels. Get the top movies and sports channels.

Fios TV Mundo

This is $ 76 per month and includes the additional cost of taxes. Get over 210 channels. You can easily get Spanish-language channels.

Fios TV Total

This is $ 96 per month and includes the additional cost of taxes. Get over 215 channels. Get primary regional games and movies on the Spanish language channels.

The Fios TV app is a popular streaming app that will help you never miss your favorites. The Fios TV app is not available on Roku. But the Fios TV app is very easy to get from Roku. Since there is no native app for Roku, you can stream the Fios TV app on Roku by following the aforementioned method. We hope to have a native app for Fios TV in the Roku Channel Store soon

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