How to install and Cast Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV

Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV

In this guide, we are going to talk about How to install and Watch Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV.

It’s great to have Pluto TV, particularly considering it’s completely free. The service is fantastic since it works with so many devices, including Samsung Smart TVs. How to get Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TVs?

What Is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is an internet streaming service established in the United States. It mostly provides free streaming movies, channels, and entertainment for your smart devices. Yes, everything you’ve just read is correct. Watching Pluto TV is completely free. Through the Pluto TV app, ViacomCBS has been providing free live and on-demand programming.

When it comes to streaming applications, there are a plethora of options. Unfortunately, most of them will need you to pay for access to their material. Pluto TV is a surprisingly free streaming service with occasional advertisements. Yes, it would be best if you viewed advertisements while watching your favorite movies on Netflix.

Specifically, the Pluto TV app allows you to browse genres such as crime, movies, TV series, sports, news, and entertainment, among others. Even though Pluto TV is a free service, it offers over 100 live TV channels and over 1000 entertaining programs. The Pluto TV app is available for download on the most popular streaming devices in the United States when it comes to app compatibility.

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How To Install Pluto TV On Samsung Smart TV

Fortunately, the Pluto TV app is available for download on Samsung TV. As a result, you won’t need to look for any Apk or sideloading methods. The Pluto TV app also supports the casting function. First and foremost, there is something significant to notice.

To install Pluto TV, you must have a Samsung TV that was released after 2016 or one of the most recent models. If you meet the above criteria, we may go on to the steps for installing Pluto TV.

  1. Go to the Samsung Smart TV’s Main Menu by turning it on.
  2. Open the Smart Hub store by clicking on the Samsung Apps icon.
  3. Select the Search icon and enter Pluto TV into the search box. Then hit the Enter key.
  4. Select the Pluto TV app from the search results and touch the Install option.
  5. On your Samsung TV, the Pluto TV app is now available.

How To Cast Pluto TV On Old Model Samsung TV?

The Pluto TV app will not be accessible on older Samsung TV models, unfortunately. Don’t worry if you’re still using an earlier model. You can install the Pluto TV app even if you have an earlier model. The procedures to install the newest Pluto TV app for older Samsung TV models are outlined in the following approach.

Method 1

Follow these instructions to use the Chromecast capability to download the Pluto TV app on your old Samsung TV from a smartphone (Android or iOS).

  1. Connect your Chromecast device to TV HDMI and go to TV Sources and switch to HDMI
  2. Install and set up the Pluto TV app on your Smartphone.
  3. Use the same Wi-Fi connection for your smartphone and Chromecast dongle.
  4. Then, on your Smartphone, open the Pluto TV app.
  5. In the Pluto TV app on your Smartphone, choose program to watch.
  6. In the video player of the Pluto TV app on your Smartphone, Select the Chromecast icon in the top corner.
  7. Then choose your Chromecast dongle from the list of available devices in the Pluto TV app on your Smartphone.
  8. Now your phone screen is mirrored to the TV. You can now enjoy Pluto TV.

Method 2

To download the Pluto TV app on your old Samsung TV, you may utilize an external device such as a FireStick, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, or Xbox.

  1. With your old Samsung TV, you may use any of the external devices listed above.
  2. On your external device, get access to the relevant app store.
  3. Find the Pluto TV app and select the appropriate option to download it on your external device.
  4. On your external device, launch the Pluto TV app.
  5. In the Pluto TV app on your external device, choose material or a live channel to view on your old Samsung TV.
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How To Restart A Samsung Smart TV From A Standby Mode

To restart the Pluto TV not functioning on your Samsung smart hub, follow the instructions below to cold boot your Samsung Smart TV.

Cold booting a smart TV is not the same as turning off your smart TV. When you turn off your television, it goes into standby mode. This indicates that the television is not completely turned off. When the TV is turned off, there is a little amount of current left in it.

On the other hand, a cold reboot will need you to turn off your TV totally without leaving any current in it. Cold booting your Samsung smart TV entails disconnecting it from the power source and waiting a few seconds before turning it on.

On your Samsung smart TV, there are two methods to repair an app that isn’t functioning. You may use your remote control or disconnect your TV from the power supply to repair an app that isn’t functioning on your device.

Follow the instructions below to cold boot your Samsung smart to repair the Pluto TV app that has stopped functioning.

It is better to and hold the power button for a few seconds on your Samsung smart TV until it turns off. To complete the cold booting procedure, hit the power button on your Samsung smart TV again after 5 minutes. Alternatively, you may use the procedures below to cold boot your Samsung smart TV.

  • Remove the power cord from your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Allow 5 minutes for the whole procedure to finish.
  • After 5 minutes, reconnect the TV.

This will finish the TV’s cold booting process and help you solve any apps that aren’t functioning on your Samsung smart TV, such as app freezing.

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Delete And Reinstall The Pluto TV App On Your Samsung TV.

To remove the Pluto TV app, follow the instructions below. After that, erase the app cache before installing the new Pluto app.

  • Please select it from the applications menu.
  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the apps list, look for the “Pluto TV” app.
  • Choose the “Delete” option.
  • Remove the app from your device.

Clear the app caches on your Samsung TV, turn it off, then reinstall the Pluto TV app.

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What is the best way to view Pluto TV on my Samsung TV?

The Pluto TV may be downloaded straight from the Smart Hub Store

What is the number of channels available on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV now offers over 200 channels.

Can I watch Pluto TV on my Samsung TV?

Yes, you can get the app you want on the most recent Samsung TVs.

Can I watch Pluto TV on an old Samsung TV?

Yes, absolutely. Using the built-in casting capability, you can watch Pluto TV on older models.

This article’s ultimate conclusion is as follows. Pluto TV is one of the many fantastic streaming services available for free on your Samsung smart TV. Because the app is natively accessible on the smart hub, you can install it quickly and effortlessly

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