How To Turn On Toshiba Smart TV Without Remote Control?

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In this guide, we are talking about How To Turn On Toshiba Smart TV Without Remote Control

Toshiba is a well-known maker of smart devices. It’s a smart TV that comes in various sizes, from LED to UHD and OLED. Any of the Toshiba TVs will provide a thrilling watching experience. Especially, its goal is to provide its consumers with the most satisfactory possible watching experience with the highest possible visual quality. There is one feature that all televisions have in common, regardless of the model. It’s nothing more than a remote control that allows you to operate your Toshiba TV efficiently. The remote is a valuable tool that allows you to change channels, adjust volume, and do a lot more. You can switch it on without the remote, whether it has been gone for a long time or is broken. To help you out, we’ve devised a method for turning on your Toshiba TV without using the Remote.

How To Turn On Your Toshiba TV Without Remote?

When you lose your remote control, learn how to turn on your Toshiba smart television. And also, the remote control that comes with the Toshiba TV is quite handy and user-friendly. Any device’s remote control allows you to change channels, adjust volume, and operate any function on your television. However, without the remote, controlling the television is difficult. Follow these simple instructions to switch on your television without the need for remote control. There is a little button (Power Button) on your television that makes it simple to switch it on. To put it another way, locate the little power button on your television. To switch on your Toshiba Smart TV, press the Power button. If you can’t locate the power button, see your TV handbook for assistance. Depending on your TV, the button is generally on the left or right side. So, as it put simply,

  1. First, you must go to the Toshiba TV.
  2. Examine the television closely and locate the power button.
  3. Press it lightly to switch on the Toshiba TV.

Turn On Toshiba Smart TV Without Remote Control Using Toshiba TV Remote Controller App.

Remote Controller App

Assuming you have previously associated your Toshiba TV with the Remote for Toshiba TV software on your Android or iOS smartphone, turning it on is a straightforward process.

Remote for Toshiba TV is a virtual remote control with a power button that may be used to operate a Toshiba television. The power button on your Toshiba TV will turn on in seconds after you press it. This application is compatible with all Toshiba televisions. The infrared technology of the phone will be used to detect the tv. In addition to being able to switch on the device, the app provides access to all of the capabilities of the Toshiba remote. It offers volume changes, channel switching, media player operations, and media player settings, among others.

It is thus feasible to turn on your Toshiba television without the need for remote control, regardless of the model you have. If you have previously set up your Toshiba TV, you will be able to use all of the playback capabilities available via the Remote.

Toshiba TV App Universal Remote Controler

The Universal Remote for Toshiba app is available for download from the Google Play Store. A virtual remote for controlling your television is provided by this program, which is free of charge to download and use. The infrared technology on your smartphone is used to detect your television by this app. Volume control, channel switching, and navigation pad functionality are all made possible with this software. On the Toshiba Smart TV, you can also operate streaming applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Universal Remote app, on the other hand, is not an official app from the Toshiba television manufacturer. If you don’t have a remote control, you may use one of these techniques to switch on your Toshiba Smart TV. And also, all of the remedies listed here are very temporary and may potentially cause damage to your smart TV. As a result, get a replacement remote from the official website as soon as feasible.

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What Is The Best Way To Reset A Toshiba Smart TV?

Resetting your Toshiba smart TV can only be accomplished via a single procedure. It is unnecessary to have an external power source to reset; instead, you may use the proprietary remote control for your television. Take into consideration the specifics and proceed with the following procedures.

How to Reset a Toshiba Smart TV to its Factory Settings

Ascertain that you have a properly functioning and securely connected power source before proceeding with the following instructions.

  1. The Toshiba remote control’s power button turns on the TV.
  2. On the remote control, press the menu button, which is positioned to the left of the arrow keys.
  3. A menu page with several additional choices will display on your computer screen.
  4. Press the Enter key after scrolling through the Installation menu.
  5. Select Reset TV from the menu and push the OK button on the remote control.
  6. To confirm the factory data reset, choose the Yes option from the drop-down menu and push the OK button.
Smart tv and Remort


Troubleshooting the Toshiba smart TV is a straightforward process. Still, it would be best to use extreme caution while doing so because you will be dealing with the alternating current power source of the television. Prepare your preventative measures in advance and proceed with the following procedures.

  1. You should remove the power cable from the wall outlet where your television is plugged in.
  2. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before continuing.
  3. Again, connect the power wire to the electrical wall outlet on the wall.
  4. Check to see that the electrical socket is getting power before proceeding. If it does not work, try inserting the cable into another socket capable of receiving electricity.
  5. Check to see whether the batteries in the remote control are in good operating condition. Try changing the batteries with new ones if they aren’t in good working order first.
  6. Check to see whether the television is reacting to the signal from the remote control as well. Remove the remote control sensor and attempt to turn on your television again.
  7. While your television is set up, place the remote control directly in front of the infrared sensor.


On my Toshiba television, where is the power button?

The power switch is on the back of the television. To manage your TV through Wi-Fi, try downloading the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone.

Is it possible to switch on the TV without pairing the Remote for the Toshiba TV app?

No. If you don’t have a remote, you’ll need to set it up before turning on the Toshiba television.

What if my Toshiba remote isn’t functioning correctly?

Whether this is the case, you should check to see if the batteries need to be replaced. If any impediments are surrounding the TV, remove them. On the other hand, if the remote still does not function, you should contact customer service.

We have provided two simple methods for turning on a Toshiba television without the need for remote control. In the absence of a remote, it is impossible to access other features such as Internet connection, Alexa voice assistant, and other features. As a result, either get a new remote or replace the existing one if it is not functioning correctly or has been lost.

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