3 Ways to Cast Virgin TV to Chromecast?

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In this guide, we are going to talk about how to Cast Virgin TV to Chromecast

In the United Kingdom, Virgin Media is well-known for its mobile, internet, and pay-TV services. With millions of digital cable customers, Virgin Media, Sky, and BT are some of the most competitive television providers in the British market. Like Sky and BT, Virgin Media provides Virgin TV Go and a free internet live and on-demand service. It offers 80+ channels (including Sky) and hundreds of on-demand TV series, movies, and box sets. To use the service on the move, you’ll need a current Virgin TV subscription as well as reliable Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

If you have Virgin TV, you are likely familiar with this app. When you’re not at home, you may use your smartphone or tablet to view live TV channels and on-demand material. But what if you could see the same video on a larger screen? Is it feasible to use a Chromecast to watch Virgin TV Go?

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How To Set Up Chromecast And Connect To Wi-Fi

  1. To connect your Google Chromecast to your home Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:
  2. Connect your Chromecast to your TV and double-check that all cords are in place.
  3. Check that the Chromecast and the mobile device you’re using to set it up are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Download the Google Home app.
  5. Open the app and follow the prompts.

How To Cast Virgin TV To Chromecast Using Android Phone

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  1. Connect your Chromecast to your TV and choose the appropriate input source.
  2. Then, download the Virgin TV Go app and log in with your Virgin TV credentials on your Android phone.
  3. Using the same Wi-Fi connection, connect your Android phone and Chromecast.
  4. Then go to your Android phone’s Quick Settings Panel (Notification Panel).
  5. On your Android phone, go to the appropriate screencast option. (This cast process can be easily done with this app.)
  6. Choose a Chromecast device name from the list of available devices on your Android.
  7. Now you watch Virgin TV on your phone and it will be shown on Chromecast-connected TV.

How To Cast Virgin TV To Chromecast Using Windows PC/Mac

  1. Connect your Chromecast to your television and Go to Sources on your TV and select HDMI
  2. Connect Chromecast with your Windows PC or Mac’s Wi-Fi network on your Windows PC or Mac, open the Google Chrome browser.
  3. Then, on your Windows PC or Mac, choose the More Options button in Google Chrome. (The three dots in the upper right corner)
  4. On your Windows PC or Mac, choose the Cast option and then the menu next to Sources.
  5. Then, in Chrome on your Windows PC or Mac, choose the Cast Desktop option and select your Chromecast device.
  6. Visit the Virgin TV home page.
  7. Visit Virgin TV and sign in. On your Windows PC or Mac, log in with your Virgin TV credentials in Google Chrome.
  8. Play Virgin TV’s programming. Open Chrome on Windows or Mac computer. It’ll appear on your Chromecast-enabled TV.

How To Cast Virgin TV Go On Your Smart TV

Before you begin, you should first download the Virgin TV Go app on your smartphone. Continue with the instructions below after ensuring that your smartphone and Chromecast devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. On your Android phone, download the Virgin TV Go app.
  2. By entering your login credentials, you may access the app.
  3. Select the TV program you want and play it.
  4. Now, on the video player screen, hit the Cast icon.
  5. Your smartphone will scan and provide a list of available casting devices.
  6. And choose your Chromecast device from the drop-down menu.(For this you need to connect your phone and Smart TV to the same Wifi network.)
  7. If the casting is successful, the video you’ve been watching on your phone will appear on your Chromecast-enabled TV.

Is It Possible To Cast Virgin Media TV To A Chromecast From Anywhere?

Chromecast box

No. Unfortunately, casting with Chromecast or any other casting device is not supported by the Virgin Media TV Anywhere app. Due to licensing agreements, they are unable to implement that functionality at this time. It’s a shame, considering Chromecast is supported by the vast majority of streaming applications.

It’s not all bad news since there are many other ways to view Virgin Media TV Anywhere on a larger screen. These options aren’t as sleek, but they’ll do for one or two sessions.

Make sure your Chromecast is placed on your display and correctly set up over your Wi-Fi network before we begin. Ensure that all of your other devices (laptop or phone) are on the same network.

  1. Using Chromecast to cast Virgin Media TV from a laptop
  2. You may easily download Virgin Media TV Go on your Windows laptop since it is accessible on Windows 10, Google Play, and the Apple App Store.
  3. We’ll have to utilize a workaround since Virgin Media TV Go doesn’t officially support Chromecast. The solution is much simpler with a laptop or PC.

This is what you must do:

  1. To access the settings, open Google Chrome on the computer you wish to watch Virgin Media TV, then click the three dots in the top right corner. Click on the Chromecast after you’ve found “Cast.”
  2. Next, pick between “Cast a Tab” and “Cast Desktop,” and then click “Cast Desktop.” When you cast your desktop to Chromecast, everything on your computer screen will be mirrored to the Chromecast via the network. You won’t be restricted to the Chrome Browser’s content.
  3. Launch the Virgin Media Go app on your computer from there, and it will appear on the other screen. While media playback will most likely be sub-par (less than 30 frames per second), the material will still be viewable. Your Wi-Fi speed will also affect performance. That is one method of using Virgin Media TV Go with Chromecast.
  4. You could also attempt the same way with Virgin Media TV’s browser version, casting simply the tab rather than the full desktop.

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What is Virgin TV Go?

Virgin TV Go is one of the top video streaming services available online. It’s the UK’s second-largest streaming service. With a single Virgin TV subscription, you receive not just one but a whole bunch of channels. Fox Networks, BT Sport, Comedy Central, Sky 1, and others are among the 100 channels available. This software was created specifically for mobile and tablet devices. It is, however, compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android, iOS, Chromecast, Firestick, and many more.

Virgin TV Go Features And Requirements


100+ live TV channels, with subtitles.
Download content to watch offline.
Can use a single account on a maximum of four devices.
Parental controls.
Variety of content to stream.


Smart TV
Android mobile
Google Chromecast
Stable Wi-Fi connection
Virgin TV Go app

Is Virgin TV Go compatible with Chromecast?

Unfortunately, casting is not supported by the Virgin TV app. You may utilize your smartphone’s screen mirroring feature to access the app on your smart TV.

Is it ok to watch Virgin TV on a Firestick?

The Firestick is a gadget that runs on Android. However, the Amazon App Store does not include Virgin TV Go.


As an outcome, you should be able to Chromecast Virgin TV GO to your TV using the techniques outlined above. Virgin TV GO is a streaming service that enables you to watch award-winning movies and shows. It is accessible in the United Kingdom and the surrounding area. Users in other countries will need to utilize a VPN to watch.

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