5 Ways to Watch Philo on Samsung Smart TV and non-Smart TV

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In this guide, we are going to talk about 5 Ways to Watch Philo on Samsung Smart TV and non-Smart TV

Are you seeking a less expensive streaming service? Philo is what we like to utilize. Philo is a streaming service with a substantially lower price tag. In Philo, you’ll get access to the most popular television channels as well as on-demand content. Philo is a program that may be loaded on a variety of devices. And if you want to watch Philo on your Smart TV, you may do so with a simple workaround.

What Is Philo?

Philo is an internet streaming program that is very cost-effective. You may have heard of it. A&E Networks, AMC Networks, Discovery, Inc., and ViacomCBS all have a stake in Philo. The Philo service provides subscribers with over 65 channels and a year of free unlimited DVR storage. A&E, AMC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Sundance TV, Destination America, BBC World News, Lifetime, Paramount Network, and many more are among the TV channels accessible on Philo. Additional networks are available as add-ons at an additional fee.

Philo costs $25 a month and includes:

  • Over 65 channels.
  • Unlimited DVR storage for a year.
  • A week-long free trial period.

In Philo, there are currently two add-on options available. Epix costs $6 per month, and Starz costs $9 as add-ons.

Pluto Tv Available On Samsung TV

Samsung smart TV

Philo is not available on Samsung Smart TV devices, but you can watch Pluto TV. Here’s how to sign up for Pluto TV, download and install the app, and start watching it on your Samsung Smart TV. Pluto TV is natively accessible on Samsung Smart TV. You may also be able to use Apple AirPlay to broadcast to your Samsung Smart TV. Learn how to use Pluto TV to get the most out of your Samsung Smart TV.

Alternative Ways To Stream Philo Tv On Samsung Smart TV

Online websites and other streaming apps have mostly supplanted television viewing. People may view live television channels and additional information over the internet at any time and from any location. The number of streaming applications and live TV channel apps is growing every day. Let’s look at the alternative ways to stream Philo tv on Samsung Smart TV.

Philo on Your Samsung Android TV


Now that you’ve decided to use Philo on your Samsung Smart TV (or any other Android TV for that matter), it’s time to learn how to get it set up. To obtain access to the treasure mine of amusement that Philo has in store for you, follow the easy procedures outlined below.

  • Turn on your television and go to the Samsung TV Home screen. Scroll down to the Apps row after you’ve arrived.
  • Select the Google Play Store application.
  • We’re assuming you already have a Google Play Store account. Enter your Google account information and login if you haven’t already.
  • And, look for the search icon in the top-left corner of the Google Play Store page. Especially, it has the appearance of a magnifying glass. In the search field, type the word Philo and choose the app from the results.
  • Install should be selected.
  • Connect to your Philo account after it’s been installed, and you’re ready to go.

How to watch Philo on Samsung TV using Apple TV?

  • The Apple TV device must first be connected to the Samsung Smart TV. Switch on the Apple TV using the directional pad (remote).
  • Navigate to the App Store, which may be found on Apple TV’s Home page. Then go to the search option and put Philo in the search box.
  • Then, on your Apple-connected Samsung Tv, click the Get button to begin the installation of the Philo app.
  • Finally, go to the Philo website and register to start watching your favorite channels.

How to watch Philo on Samsung TV using Roku devices

  • To begin, connect the Roku wire to your Samsung Smart TV and turn it on.
  • Now hit the Home button on the Roku control. Select the streaming channels area from the main home page.
  • Then, using the virtual keypad, search the Philo in the search channels section. Select Philo from the search results and click the Add Channel button.
  • After you’ve added Philo to your Roku streaming device, use the Go To Channel button to start the Philo app.
  • On the subscription page, highlight the $20/month payment. On a Roku-connected Samsung TV, you may view 60+ HD channels of Philo.

How to watch Philo on Samsung TV using Firestick

Amazon Firestick on table
  • Initially, you must connect the Firestick device to the back of your Samsung smart TV. To turn on the Amazon Firestick, turn it on.
  • Navigate to the hand lens icon on the very first page. It’s most likely at the upper left corner of your homepage.
  • Use a virtual keyboard to text as Philo. Download the Philo after you’ve found it in the search results.
  • The Philo app may then be launched by going to the Apps & Channels area. Use your phone number to log in. After that, you’ll need to set up your Philo membership.
  • Once you’ve made your decision, click the subscribe button. Finally, you can play videos and view them on your Samsung TV by walking within the Philo app.

How To watch Philo TV On Samsung Non-Smart TV (Chromecast)

  • Connect your Chromecast to the TV. (How to set up a chromecast device)
  • Install the Google Home app on your Chromecast-enabled Android phone.
  • Open the Google Home app on your phone.
  • Stick to the instructions.
  • If you can’t locate the instructions for setting up your Chromecast, try these:
    Tap Add + > Set up device > New device in the upper left corner of the Google Main app home screen.
    Continue with the remaining steps.
  • The setup went well. You’re finished!
  • After completing the Chromecast process, you download the Philo app to your phone and then you go to that app and go to the Philo account and Cast it to the Chromecast. Below is one such article

3 Ways To Cast Sharp TV Using Chromecast [Non-smart TV]


Philo is a streaming service that provides high-quality content at a low cost. And it’s well worth the money. Primarily, it is possible that you learned about it through our article. Follow the steps outlined in our post to install the Philo app on your Samsung Smart TV. These techniques may also obtain Philo on an older Samsung TV.

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