4 Ways To Fix A Black Screen Problem On Roku


In this guide, we are going to talk about How To Fix A Black Screen Problem On Roku

Is it possible that you’ve experienced the “black screen of death” on your Roku TV? One advantage is that there are a few options you may attempt to remedy the problem, which is a plus. One of the most typical reasons for your Sharp Roku TV’s display not to come on is an issue with the power or connecting wires. Another possibility is that the illumination is not functioning properly. A factory reset or a restart of your television are certain remedies for this problem. You may also power cycle your television and your Roku remote control. It will also be a good idea to double-check all of your cable connections throughout this process.

Why Does Roku Display A Black Screen?

The black screen problem might happen if the connections are loosely connected. The inability to communicate with other devices might potentially contribute to this issue. When such a problem develops, you may resolve it by connecting it to another device and testing it. Low power sources, faulty cables, and poor connection may contribute to the black screen issue, as might other factors. This problem may also occur if the software is not updated. Whatever the cause, the issue of a blank screen may be resolved quickly and simply by using simple fixes.

When a black screen is presented, faulty connections may cause the problem. You may quickly address this problem by correctly securing the cords. If the menu bar appears on the screen, this indicates that the problem is somewhere else on the computer. Issues with the input signal might be a contributing factor to this problem. Especially, there is a possibility that the black screen issue is caused by a problem with the resolution of the computer. If you can hear the sound and see a black screen, this indicates that the problem is occurring due to a resolution issue on your computer.

You may address this problem by increasing the resolution’s power to the maximum setting. It is also possible that the black screen error could appear if the operating power is incompatible with your gadget. Your black screen problem will be addressed in a short period if you follow these instructions.


How To Fix The Black Screen Problem On Roku?

However, although it may be difficult to determine the specific cause of your TV screen going black, you may attempt a couple of these solutions until your Sharp Roku TV is back up and running.

Disconnect and reconnect on your Roku

To put it another way, disconnecting and rejoining your device may be compared to doing a “soft reset” on your device, which will reboot the device’s hardware and installed applications. The majority of reasons for the black screen issue may be resolved by restarting the computer.

  • Unplug your television from the wall outlet.
  • Connect and disconnect any external Roku devices connected to your TV.
  • Once you have completed the process of unplugging any external devices, press and hold the Power button on your television for 1 minute.
  • Installing a visual player on your television is as simple as plugging it into one of the TV’s ports once one minute has elapsed.

Check cable connection

LAN cables plug
  • When attempting to resolve a black screen, the first step is to double-check all of the HDMI connections connected to your television and all of the cables connected to your Roku.
  • Look for any wires or connections connected to your Roku device and make a note of them. Often, linked HDMI or even power cables may get loose and slide out of their connectors, preventing them from correctly seated.
  • If you discover that the wires are truly sagging, adjust them as needed and double-check that they are firmly attached.

Increase the resolution settings

The fact that you can hear sound coming from your television while presenting a blank screen indicates that you are experiencing a resolution-related problem.

  • To access the Settings menu from the Roku home screen, press the Left button on the remote and scroll down.
  • Once you’ve gotten into the Settings, look for and choose the Display Type option.
  • There are many distinct resolution kinds available inside the Display Type selection. Auto Detect will often be picked, but a black screen will appear if it finds the wrong resolution type.
  • Select a higher resolution option from the drop-down menu.

Swap out HDMI cable


An HDMI cable that has failed is a typical reason for a black screen on your device, and you will need to replace it with a new one if this is the case. It isn’t easy to detect whether an HDMI cable has failed.



Why is my TCL Roku TV not showing pictures?

The position of the power button on most models is below the TCL logo on the bottom of the TV or behind the TV towards the right side. Please refer to your user’s handbook to find the precise position. Remove the television from the power socket. After 30 seconds, reconnect the television.


Many Roku TV customers have complained about the issue of a blank screen on their devices. And also, there are a variety of reasons why this mistake might occur. There is a possibility that the television set you are now using is old and no longer functions correctly. If this problem happens, your device may produce a sound, or it may not make a sound at all and will go entirely blank.

In contrast to other entertainment devices, Roku TVs strongly emphasize a user-friendly interface and open access to video streaming. Like any other piece of equipment, these televisions are not without flaws. When using Roku, a screen that continually turns black is one of the most typical difficulties you encounter. You may be experiencing a software problem on your Roku TV, which may be resolved by doing a factory reset on the device. Aside from poor wiring and dead remote batteries, other typical problems include commercials playing at a reduced resolution or an inactivity timeout that kicks in after four hours of inactivity.


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