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You can use Vizio TV to stream media and do other things. It’s one of the best TVs you can get. Suppose you didn’t have a remote with you when you were looking for the power button or trying to figure out how to do something. Vizio’s TV has a power button, so this article tells you where the power button is on it. Every TV has a different design and layout, so it is essential to know where the buttons and layout are on your Smart TVs Design.

Vizio TV: Where is the Power Button?

Power Button

On newer Vizio TVs, the power button is on the lower right side of the TV, next to the HDMI ports, if you’re facing the TV. There is a power button on older Vizio TVs either on the left side of the bezel’s front or bottom left corner. You can feel them when you slide your fingers behind your TV screen. They are either on the left or right side and can be felt even if the space between the wall and the TV is a little different. In Vizio TV, you use the button at the top of the vertical line to turn on and off the TV.

TV Power Button Layout for Vizio TV

If you can peek behind your TV, you might be able to see the faint markings on each button. Every time you use a computer mouse, there are usually three buttons. Each one does something different.

  • Vizio TV’s power button is on the top.
  • The middle button is used to change the volume.
  • The bottom button lets you change the TV’s source.
  • As you can see from this picture, a Vizio TV’s buttons aren’t meant to be used all the time. There is nothing wrong with them if you lose your remote, but you don’t want to use them all the time.
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What to Do When You Can’t Reach the Vizio TV Buttons

If you can’t find the buttons on your TV or don’t like how they work, there are other ways to do things. TVs come with remotes for a reason, and there is a good reason for that. Everyone doesn’t want to get up from the couch every time they want to change the channel. The original remote for your Vizio TV may have been lost or broken. There are several ways to control your TV, even if you don’t have the remote.

Option 1: SmartCast Mobile.

Vizio’s SmartCast Mobile is the best way to control your Vizio with your smartphone. You can do this by downloading the app. This is a compelling app made by Vizio. It has many features that make controlling your Vizio easier and more intuitive.

You can play or pause, move the volume up or down, and turn the power on or off. If you don’t have a remote, you can also change the aspect ratio, choose the input, and do all the other things that usually need one.

It lets you search for movies, TV shows, music, and other things you usually stream on your TV. The app has significant features that make it easier to search through your library, like voice control. The SmartCast app can be used on both iOS and Android phones.

Smart tv

Option 2: you can use an IR-based smartphone app.

It’s also possible to use an infrared (IR)-a smartphone app that works with any Vizio TV. There are now many Android phones that have an IR blaster. This piece of hardware lets the phone send out infrared light pulses, just like a TV remote control.

You can find out if your Android phone has an IR Blaster by looking at the phone’s specs on the manufacturer’s site.

Also, you can look for the IR blaster by looking at the top edge of your phone. It will be a small black area, and it could be as small as a pin. It might not be possible to answer the question by looking at it. If that’s the case, you can download the Phone Tester app, which is a free app that gives you a lot of data about your Android phone. Make sure you run Phone Tester and look in the “Communication peripherals” area. In this case, you’re all set.

There are a lot of apps for IR remotes. One of the best for Vizio TVs is called VizRemote, and it works well. However, you should be able to use almost any IR remote app to do what you want.

Option 3: VizRemote

VizRemote is an app that makes it feel like you’re using a traditional Vizio remote control. This makes it outstanding for people who have become used to the Vizio remote. There aren’t any shortcuts at the top of this app. It’s based on older Vizio remotes from around 2011 or 2012, and it doesn’t have shortcuts of any kind at the top.

VizRemote, on the other hand, has almost every other button you could want on a Vizio remote, including the ability to open the apps on your TV. The app doesn’t feel as good in your hand as a standard remote. The lack of shortcuts is terrible, and the design isn’t as up-to-date as other Vizio TVs.

If you have an older Vizio TV, you might like the 3D setting that comes with the app. It lets you turn 3D on or off on your TV without going into your settings.

Option 4: Chromecast/Google Home

Chromecast devices

It is effortless to control your TV without using a physical remote if you have Google’s Chromecast and the Google Home speaker. It works if you don’t: When you connect your TV to Google Home, all you need to do is say what you need to do.

With your voice, you can do almost everything on your TV. Everything you need to do is in one place. You can browse, search, and stream content. As a bonus, it works with other smart home appliances, like lights and speakers. This function makes the option one of the most convenient ways to manage your TV.

Option 5: Vizio Universal Remote

Finally, you can always buy a universal remote for Vizio that will work with any model. You should choose this if you want to use a physical remote. This is all you need to do now. Just set it up. Also, the procedure is quick and uncomplicated. Follow the remote’s instructions.

If you don’t get it properly the first time, double-check that you input the proper code or repeat the auto-code process. It often takes a lot of pressing a button to scan through the codes until you find the one that works. At that point, you can go.


Vizio has always been on the cutting edge in visual technology. Their physical design schemes are no different, either. The buttons aren’t easy to find in dark places, but it removes the distracting font and the easy-to-bump situations on the side. A remote is always there to do the same things, except for the power-cycling process you often don’t use.


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