How to Use or Cast Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TV [4 Ways]

Samsung TV

Today’s intelligent TVs allow you to stream movies and TV shows from various apps. Some apps may have already been downloaded and set up to be watched on the smart TV, but what about Crunchyroll?

Even though Crunchyroll has become a top-rated streaming service, the app that lets people use it is not always available on every smart TV. You can watch this content on your Samsung Smart TV in several ways, one of which is through the Crunchyroll app.

1. How to Cast Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TV


How To Broadcast Crunchyroll On Samsung TV

For this, we can use the Chromecast feature in the Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Download the Crunchyroll app to your mobile phone first.
  2. Then sign in to Crunchyroll on your smartphone.
  3. Now connect your Samsung TV and phone to the same Wifi network.
  4. Then open the Crunchyroll app and click on the Cast Icon at the top.
  5. Now it shows you its Samsung tv.
  6. Click it and the phone screen will show up on the TV.
  7. Now you can open the Crunchyroll app and use it.

2. How to use Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TV via Airplay?

These steps will only work with a Samsung Smart TV with Airplay built-in. Let’s use Airplay to get the Crunchyroll app on a Samsung Smart TV.

  • Step 1: Get the iOS app for Crunchyroll.
  • Step 2: Now, on an iOS device, sign in to Crunchyroll.
  • *Step 3: Start the same Wi-Fi connection on both the Samsung Smart TV and the iOS device.
  • Step 4: Make sure that your Samsung Smart TV has turned on the Airplay feature.
  • Step 5: On an iPhone or iPad, open the Crunchyroll app and play the videos.
  • *Step 6: In the Crunchyroll app, click on the Airplay icon and let it look for nearby devices that can be used.
  • Step 7: Choose the app for your Samsung Smart TV and watch the content on your TV.

3 Download the Plex app and watch Crunchyroll

The PLEX app is an excellent alternative if you can’t find the Crunchyroll app or want something else. This can be saved to your TV. You can then add the Crunchyroll Channel once this is done.

This app is free, and you’ll be able to watch anime on Crunchyroll again, but there will be ads this time.

Amazon Fire TV 4K

4. How to Watch Crunchyroll using a firestick or similar Device.

You can watch Crunchyroll using Firestick even on a non-smart TV.

Streaming dongles are essential if you want to get rid of your cable. If you cannot have a smart TV with apps for different streaming services built-in, you’ll need a device to connect to your TV to watch your favorite TV shows and digital movies.

But there are many things to think about, and not all devices work the same. The Amazon Fire Stick is a popular choice for people who want to cut the cord, but you might not like its busy interface, or you might not be a Prime member.

There are, thankfully, other easy-to-use options that let you stream your favorite content. This article tells you about the top five alternatives to the Fire Stick for your entertainment needs.

4.1 Best Things to Use Instead of a Fire Stick

People who want to get rid of cable can use the Fire TV Stick. But there are good ways to stream videos from the internet that don’t involve Netflix.

We spent a lot of time trying out various streaming devices to find the best ones for you. Here’s a quick look at how each device compares to the others.

During testing, apps, and features, internal storage, the processor, and other things were examined. Each option gives you access to thousands of apps, making them very flexible.

1. The Roku Streaming Stick+

One of the most popular alternatives to Fire devices is Roku. It is used by everyone, just like the Amazon dongle. Roku is the company that made it possible for most people to watch internet videos on their TVs.

The best thing about Roku streaming devices is that they work with any app. Many ads and attempts to get you to use Amazon’s apps and services crowd the user interface.

Roku doesn’t work like that. All Roku devices have a clean interface and several apps for popular live TV streaming services and other services.

As soon as you turn on Roku, you can use any streaming service without signing in.

Here are the Roku Streaming Stick+’s most important technical details:

  • Picture quality in HD, 4K, and HDR
  • Built-in HDMI
  • Long-range Wi-Fi
  • Controls for voice and TV
  • The Bluetooth feature
  • 1 GB of memory
  • 512 MB of storage onboard

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max has more internal storage and memory than Roku. This is one area where Roku falls behind.

If you download apps often, this could be a problem.

On the other hand, the remote and interface are sleek and easy to use.

You don’t even have to know much about technology to use it. You plug the streaming stick into your smart TV, and within five minutes, you can start watching shows.

2. Tivo Stream 4K

If you want to use Android TV, you should think about the Tivo Stream 4K. Once thought to only be a way to record shows, the Tivo streaming media player is a surprising competitor to the Fire TV Stick.

Tivo’s interface isn’t as clean as Roku’s, but it’s less cluttered than Amazon’s. It gathers content from different streaming services into one place.

3. Google TV with Chromecast

The Chromecast with Google TV is a new device compared to the original Chromecast. The device is now a good substitute for the Fire Stick with the update.

The device runs on the Android platform, just like Tivo. It also gathers content from different streaming services to make it easier to find what you want to watch.

6 Ways to Fix Chromecast Lagging Issue

4. The Apple TV 4K

If you want a more high-end streaming experience, the Apple TV 4K is something to think about. And also, it is the most expensive device on our list. It is more like a streaming box than a dongle.

But if you like Apple, the box might be worth the price. The TV 4K is different from other Apple products in that it works well with several video streaming services.

5. The Streaming Stick at Walmart

The last one is the ONN FHD Stick, a cheap streaming stick from Walmart. The streaming capabilities of the device aren’t excellent, but if you don’t want a lot of bells and whistles, it can work for you.

The ONN device runs on the Android operating system, so it has some features in common with Tivo and Chromecast. But it seems like the dongle was made for streaming long ago and isn’t very up-to-date.

What is the most-watched anime on Crunchyroll 2021?

Killer of Demons Kimetsu No Yaiba was chosen as Crunchyroll’s most popular anime series for 2021. When the first season of the Demon Slayer anime came out in 2019, it was the first time that the show had been made into an anime.

For watching anime, there are always a lot of different streaming services to choose from. When you’re used to watching them on a big screen, you won’t reach for your phone as often. But when it comes to watching anime online, Crunchyroll is one of the few options. It is one of the complete anime libraries with High Definition content that anyone can use.


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