Who Makes ONN TV? Everything you need to know


Durabrand makes Onn TV, and you can only buy it at Walmart. Our engineers recommend this brand because it has good sound and video quality and a good look. Also, Walmart’s generic brand of TVs is called “Onn TV.” This could be the answer if you want a cheap TV that works well. But before you buy, it’s essential to look at their specs, so you don’t have to upgrade in a few months.

It can be hard to get the best-LED TV when you’re on a tight budget. However, there are many good deals, such as ONN TV. The ONN brand has been around for a very long time. The private-label brand is linked to various TVs and ONN electronics, like cables, speakers, and mice.

Walmart sells these in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The ONN TV has a 50-inch LED screen that can show videos in 4k resolution. People can watch live TV or movies, connect to their computers, or play video games on their TVs. Most people think that ONN TV is not as good as other well-known brands in the television market. But for most people, the brand’s low price keeps them returning.

Who makes ONN TV for Walmart?


Walmart is the parent company of ONN TV, but that doesn’t mean that Walmart has gotten into the business of making TVs.

ONN TVs are made mainly by Durabrand, a private brand name for Walmart. Element Electronics Company does warranty repairs.

Since the TV model is a Walmart generic brand, it can only be found in big Walmart stores.

Some ONN products may also be sold from time to time on other marketplaces and in other stores, but these are always used electronics. You can find some models on Amazon.

Because ONN TVs aren’t made clear, most customers find it hard to program universal remotes to work with their TVs. Users can easily find the correct codes to program their remotes for their ONN TV model if they choose Durabrand as the manufacturer.

Where Are Onn TVs Manufactured?

Although the Onn TV is manufactured in China, the specific facility that makes it is not named. These items are occasionally marketed and sold with the Koss brand name attached to them.

A large number of nations contribute to the production of Onn TV components and assemble them. We can be quite certain that part of the production takes place in China, and maybe even Thailand, based on the firms that are responsible for producing them.

The manufacturing processes at Walmart are overseen by Durabrand. It is possible that they will soon be switching the factories that they utilize because of issues that have arisen along the supply chain in various regions of the globe. Onn is probably not the best option to go with if you are looking for a television that was manufactured in a certain nation.

However, during the next several years, the majority of businesses will change where they manufacture their goods, and the majority of televisions include components that are manufactured in more than one country.

Who makes the products that ONN sells?

Several companies make most of the ONN brand’s products in China. These items are often sold in other stores under the Koss brand name.

Since Walmart’s production budget is constantly changing, the same products can be made by different companies but have the same model.

Because of how manufacturing works in China, some products may end up at your local Walmart long after the company stopped making them.

Is ONN a brand sold at Walmart? Certainly. Even though Durabrand makes ONN TV, Walmart sells it as a generic brand. How good are ONN TVs?


Are ONN TVs any good?

But if you don’t need the best equipment for your home and want something to watch movies on, ONN TV is the best choice, mainly because of its price range.

Also, Walmart has a great warranty system, and if you have problems with your TV, they will think about replacing it as soon as you start using it.

According to reviews of ONN TV, the price is one of the best things about the brand. Walmart sells the TV model and other ONN electronics for much less than other brands that do the same thing.

The following are also things that most customers like:

One of the best things about the model is that it takes clear pictures. It is about the same quality as some other high-end options.

Most TVs in the same price range as the ONN TV don’t usually show good HD video. Users can watch movies in 4K, where the colors are transparent, and the tones are deep and close to real life.

Elegant design: ONN TVs have sleek, modern designs that look good in any room and with any decor. They look and feel way better than the price they cost. Its front has a large screen with a thin frame around it. On the back, several ports are neatly set up to make connecting to other devices more accessible.

Is Onn TV the same as TCL?

In this comparison between Onn and TCL, TCL is by far the more prominent name, as this cheap brand is one of the most popular TV makers in the world. By market share, this Chinese electronics company makes the second most TVs in the world.

What is another name for Onn TV?

Durabrand is another name for Onn TV. Onn TV is a generic brand that Walmart sells. It is made by Durabrand and sold at Walmart. Because of this, some people also refer to Onn TVs as Durabrand TVs.


Most people don’t expect much from ONN TVs, but when they work perfectly, they are surprised. Considering how cheap it is, the TV could be one of the best things to buy for people who want to play video games and watch movies.

From the solid warranty to the excellent video quality, there isn’t much that could be wrong with this brand.


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