How to Quickly Fix the Hulu Error Code 502? – Bad Gateway Error


After a long busy day at work, we all love to relax on the couch with some snacks to watch our favorite shows and movies. It feels like the only time you can escape the world. Because of the streaming services, entertainment has become so much easier and you can watch everything you like without having to wait a long time or going to the cinema. Hulu is one of the best American subscription streaming services that streams lots of quality content in many genres. But if you get an error just when your show is about to get real hot, the whole experience is ruined, right? This is why we are going to teach you how to solve the Hulu error code 502, a common error that users experience, so you can fix the error with a snap of your fingers and resume watching the show.

Why Am I Getting Error Code 502 On Hulu? – Reasons Behind Hulu error code 502

502 is the error code for bad gateway errors. This usually occurs because a response sent by a server has not been correctly received by another server. Some of the occasions in which this error code appears on Hulu are,

  • You try to stream a video, movie, or a TV show episode
  • When you restart video playback.

There are many reasons why you get this error on your Hulu web page or internet window.

  • Poor internet connection
  • Problem with a device
  • Cookies
  • Some browser extensions
  • Problems with the browser

Most of the time, troubleshooting this error is quite simple. Here are some quick fixes for Hulu error code 502.

Load The Web Page Again

As we mentioned, this could be a problem with your browser. So you can try reloading the browser to see if that fixes the problem. The shortcut to reloading a page is pressing Ctrl+R and F5 keys all at once. There is also the reload button you can click on. It is usually located in the top-left area of the browser.

Update The Hulu Application to Fix Error Code 502

Every application and software tries to update its features with each update. If you are getting an error that might be because you are not using the latest update of an application. If you have not updated the Hulu application, take a little bit of time and update it so you can fix the error and go back to enjoying your downtime.

Here Is how you update the Hulu application.

  • Open the Microsoft store.
  • At the upper right corner of the Hulu app, there is a three-dot button for a menu. Pick the Downloads and Updates option from it.
  • There is a list of applications you have downloaded. Click on Hulu and choose Update.
  • Then the latest version will be downloaded and installed.
  • Now open the application to see if the error is being fixed.

Delete Cookies from the Browser

You have to delete the 502 error-related cookies from your browser. It is much easier to delete all the cookies. You can open the window to do that by pressing Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys together. Or you can follow the path below.

Settings 🡪 Privacy and Security 🡪 Clear browsing data.

While you are at it, also clear the cache of your internet browser.

Check Whether Hulu Is Available

Hulu service is not available in some locations. If you are in such an area, you will not be able to get the Hulu streaming service. You can check these areas and comment on them from their official website.

Restart Your Computer

Most of these issues can also be solved by restarting the device. So you can turn the device you are using to stream off and then on again. It takes only a minute and it is a really simple solution to the problem.

Open The Safe Mode Browser

When you are using your preferred normal browser, there are so many extensions and add-ons running in them. This might bring up some compatibility issues and hence result in the error 502. You can try the safe mode in the browser which basically turns off any extension or add-ons in the browser. If any error does not occur while running with the default settings, which means in the safe mode, it means that there might be a problem with your extensions. Then you can try disabling each extension and see which one is causing you the problem.

Change Your Browser

You can try a different browser to open the Hulu streaming service and see if that solves the problem. If it does, there has to be an error in your usual browser. You can delete and reinstall the browser to see if that fixes the problem or you can change to the new browser as your default browser.

Check your internet connection

As we mentioned, there are network, internet, and connection errors that can result in the 502 error code. So check your internet connection whether it is Wi-Fi, cable, or mobile data. Make sure there are no signal issues and that the connection is stable. If you are using mobile data, it is good to have good network coverage.

Re-Login with Your Device

Log out from your Hulu account which you are currently logged in to. Then reenter your credentials and log back on. This is also an easy fix for this problem.

Clear Hulu app cache

You can clear the cache in your Hulu application by following these steps.
Open the ‘Settings’ app on your device (smartphone) and go through this path.

Apps and Notification 🡪 See all apps 🡪 Hulu 🡪 Storage & Cache 🡪 Clear Cache

This will clear your app cache and help you fix the error.

Reinstalling the Hulu app

Uninstall the current Hulu app on your device and reinstall it. Then log into your account once again.

Wrapping up…

You can try these easy solutions to fix the Hulu error 502 and enjoy the rest of your day watching all your favorite movies and series.


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