3 Ways to Cast PowerPoint to TV using Chromecast [Guide]


PowerPoint is a robust tool developed by Microsoft that may be used to display data and other media types during professional gatherings and academic presentations. We often use an HDMI connection to link the personal computer or laptop to the main computer and display the slideshow on a larger screen.

What if, on the other hand, you don’t have an HDMI cable? Even if you don’t have a projector, you can still see those slides on your TV if you have a Chromecast. Consequently, this post will demonstrate how to stream PowerPoint onto Chromecast.

You may also use this approach to Cast presentations created in Google Slides, Open Office, or Libre Office, as well as slides created in any other software. However, for brevity and clarity, we will refer to each of these files together as PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is one of the tools that a company cannot do without. PowerPoint is the standard method of concept presentation in any workplace. To provide a presentation, we cannot utilize a laptop; rather, we are required to work using a projector.

And having to lug a projector around with you each time is a pain in the neck. So, you can display your presentation on your smart TV with the assistance of Google Chromecast.

Chromecast devices

Set up Chromecast first.

Step 1

  • Plug your Chromecast into your TV.
  • You can connect Chromecast to your TV.
  • Connect the USB cable to your Chromecast so it can get power.
  • Plug the other end of the USB power cable into the power adapter that came with the device. Then, plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.

Note: Only use the AC adapter that came with it.

Step 2

  • Get the app for Google Home.
  • You can get the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.

Step 3

  • Set up your Chromecast
  • Follow these easy steps to set up Chromecast.

Step 4

  • Send content to your TV. Learn how to send content from Chrome or Chromecast-enabled apps to your TV.

Note: Try casting your content again if your device restarts while casting.

Cast PowerPoint to TV USing Windows

  • Follow the steps below to send PowerPoint from your PC or laptop to your TV using Chromecast.
  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Your Chrome browser’s menu button is in the upper right corner. Tap the “Cast” button after clicking on it.
  • A window that pops up will open. The Chrome browser will look for Chromecast devices that are on the market.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to “Sources.” By default, the option under the Cast tab will be chosen.
  • There are three choices:
  • Tab: Send a specific account to your TV.
    Desktop: Send everything on your desktop to your TV.
    File: Play a particular audio or video file on the TV.
    Choose “Cast Desktop” by clicking on it.
  • Now, tap the name of the Chromecast device to cast the whole desktop.
  • Open a PowerPoint presentation and start playing it on the TV.

How to Cast PowerPoint to TV Using IOS

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad and Chromecast TV to the same WIFI network.
  • Look for the Microsoft PowerPoint app in the App Store and download it.
  • You’ll need to download the Replica app from the App Store.
  • Once the installation is done, open any PPT on your iOS device by opening the PowerPoint app.
  • Open the Replica app and choose the name of your Chromecast TV.
  • The Chromecast TV will start to play the presentation file you chose on your iOS device.

How to Cast PowerPoint to TV Using Android?


Even though smartphones aren’t the best way to give a presentation, they have some cool features that a PC doesn’t. But those beautiful slides should be shown on the big screen first.

We suggest you use Microsoft PowerPoint if you’re using it on a PC because it adds to the desktop app. We’ll also send the whole Android device to the Chromecast here.

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen to bring down the Notification Panel.
  • Look for Cast, Mirror, Wireless Projection, Smart View, etc. You know the drill.
  • Click on it and give it a little time to look for devices.
  • Choose the Chromecast you want to cast to.
  • The Chromecast will now show what’s on your phone. Your device should start the presentation. Remember that one of the benefits was that you didn’t have to carry around a separate remote to control your device. Not only can you change the order of the slides with your phone, but you can also look at what you’re showing without turning your back on the audience.

Is there any cost associated with using Microsoft PowerPoint online?

The only need to use PowerPoint and the other essential Office programs online is to have a Microsoft account, which allows you to access all Office apps for free.

You may update your information by heading to Office.com and selecting the “Sign in” option from the drop-down menu. Select “Sign up for the free version of Office” if you do not already have an account, and then continue with the instructions offered after selecting.


Software such as PowerPoint enables users to generate slides and pages for electronic presentations. This capability is available to users. After you have finished developing a PowerPoint presentation, you can either play it inside the same program used to produce it or export it to a different format so it may be played as a video.

Both of these methods are available to you. On top of that, if you can see your presentation on a massive screen as you give it, you will find it much easier. Therefore, if you want to see your PowerPoint presentation on your television, you may “cast” it from your computer using a Chromecast device.

This will allow you to view the display on your television. In the next part, we will go through the steps necessary for Chromecast presentations made in PowerPoint onto a television.


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