3 Ways to Watch Kidstream on Samsung Smart TV


In this guide, we are going to talk about How to Watch Kidstream on Samsung Smart TV.

With award-winning programs like LazyTown, The Wiggles, Space Kids, Science Max!, Zerby Derby, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Earth to Luna, Molang, and MANY more, Kidstream is a special kids’ on-demand channel. With a Kidstream subscription, you may watch hundreds of episodes of well-known series without any advertisements.

Free trial with unrestricted access to a huge selection of accolade-winning children’s programming 100% free of advertisements

  • Programs that engage viewers’ imaginations and appeal to a range of interests, including social-emotional development, problem-solving, dancing, music, sports, and arts and crafts.

Truly delightful programs for children that parents will also love – Kidstream’s Common Sense Media score is among the highest for kids’ TV networks and streaming channels, so you can feel good about your child’s screen time. Kidstream was named one of the “Top 5 New Roku Channels” in 2020 (Cord Cutters News).

*Kidstream has an emphasis on providing distinctive, independent content that encourages kids’ curiosity, creativity, uniqueness, and independence in addition to being a secure, ad-free environment with top-notch entertainment.

.Kidstream features amazing shows from talented producers who have a passion for entertaining and educating children. These shows have strong morals, are nonviolent, and have wonderful titles.

Samsung Smart TV

Unfortunately, Kidstream is currently not available natively on Samsung Smart TVs. Therefore, we can stream and use Kidstream to Samsung TV using phones and computers.

How to Cast Kidstream on Samsung Smart TV Using Android

Android Phone
  • First, connect your Android phone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now download the Kidstream on your phone and log in to the Kidstream account.
  • Now go to Settings and select Bluetooth and device connectivity. Go to Cast and turn on the wireless display option. (This feature can also be seen in the notification panel of the phone. Or you can use the application called Cast to TV for this.) For this, the phone must support the Casting feature.
  • When you go into Casting you will be shown your Samsung Smart TV. Click it.
  • Now the TV shows the phone screen.
  • You can now launch the Kidstream app on your phone and view its content.
  • Then you can watch it on Samsung TV.

.How to Cast Kidstream on Samsung Smart TV Using iPhone

  • First, connect your iPhone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  • After that, download the Kidstream on your iPhone And Log in
  • Now go to the Control Center on your iPhone and press the Cast icon there.
  • It will show your Samsung Smart TV. Tap it.  Now the Samsung TV shows a code. Enter it into the iPhone.
  • Now the phone screen will show on TV.
  • You can now open the Kidstream app and watch its content.

Cast Kidstream on Samsung Smart TV Using Windows PC

  • Connect your Windows computer and Samsung Smart TV to the same WiFi network.
  • Go to Kidstream and log in now. (Make sure to do this process through the Chrome Browser)
  • Click on the Notification Panel at the bottom right.
Screenshot windows notification
  • Click Expand > Click Connect and it will show your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Click it and the computer screen will appear on TV.
  • Now you can visit the Kidstream website and watch its content. It is shown on Your Samsung Smart TV.

On what channels does Kidstream focus?

LazyTown, The Wiggles, Space Kids, Science Max!, Zerby Derby, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Earth to Luna, Molang, and MANY more are just a few of the award-winning programs available on Kidstream, a special kids’ on-demand channel.

How do I cancel my Kidstream subscription?

The procedures to cancel will vary depending on how you signed up initially.

if you registered with an iOS or Apple TV app.
*if you registered with an Android/Google Play app.
if you registered using the Roku channel
if you created an Amazon account.

By entering into your account and following the instructions below, you can cancel your membership if you signed up on the website.

You can only cancel through the website if you joined up and made payment there (and not via apps)

  • Click on “Manage subscription” from the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Cancel subscription” in the step.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Select a menu item, then click Continue.
  • Take note that selecting “Pause” will stop your automatic renewal for the chosen period of time.
  • Select No thanks, I want to cancel, then click Continue if you no longer want to be charged at all.
  • A brief, optional survey will then appear. Pick Cancel Subscription to complete the cancellation.

A confirmation popup letting you know your subscription has been canceled will appear.
You’ll also get a confirmation email.

Check your settings to make sure your subscription is listed as “Canceled” if you did not receive a confirmation. When you cancel, you won’t be charged again but your video access will remain active until the following billing cycle.

Where can I access Kidstream?

Currently, Xfinity, Cox, Amazon Prime Video, and Roku all provide Kidstream. Customers in the United States are the only ones who can currently access Kidstream.


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