How Do I Restart An App On My Samsung Smart TV [Guide]

How Do I Restart An App On My Samsung Smart TV

You’ve been seated on your couch for a while now and feel very cozy. The app you wish to use isn’t loading properly when you are ready to watch TV on your preferred streaming provider.

To restart an app, follow these instructions. Using a Samsung Smart TV, you can restart HBO Max or reset the Netflix app by following these steps. Samsung TVs need to be restarted to restart or restart an app. There are two methods for doing this. Hold down the power switch while the TV is on.

How to restart apps on Samsung TV? 6 methods

1. Press the return button on your remote

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This is the quickest method for restarting an application. You must first quit the application. Launch the app once more after it has been successfully closed. It only requires four easy steps:

  • On your Samsung TV remote, press the Return button.
  • “Do you wish to exit the app?” will appear as a notice on your screen.
  • Tap “Exit” to confirm.
  • Relaunch the app from the Samsung TV home screen.

2. Switch to Another app

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The quickest and easiest way to restart an application on a Samsung TV is to open a different application. Tizen OS, Samsung’s smart TV operating system, is similar to other smart TV operating systems in that it only allows one app to be open at a time. When a new app is opened by an application, the preceding one is supposed to be closed.

  • On your Samsung TV remote, press the Home button.
  • Instead of the program, you’re attempting to restart, choose another one.
  • Await the app to launch completely.
  • Repress the Home button once more.
  • Pick the program you want to restart.

3. Clear your app’s cache and data

In other words, we are deleting all of your app’s data in addition to the cache. You’re essentially deleting everything on your app to make it completely fresh. Lastly, how about cache? It resembles the memory in your brain. Let’s take the example of traveling a specific path to reach Walmart. Because most of the indicators are foreign to you when you first do it, you go more slowly. As a result, it can take you 30 minutes to get there. The identical road, though, only takes you there in half the time once you’ve taken it multiple times.

4. Clean all running apps using Samsung device care

For Samsung TVs without an Android OS, as was already indicated, this way works well. This works by clearing off all open background apps.

Consequently, this also restarts any previously opened apps. Samsung provides a function called Device Manager that allows you to.

  • Wipe the memory on your TV.
  • Clear your apps’ storage and data.
  • Clean up all background-running programs.

Go to the Self Diagnosis menu on your Samsung TV to use this feature.
The procedure is as follows:

  • Scroll left and clicked Settings on the home page of your Samsung TV.
  • Click “Support.”
  • Go with “Self Diagnosis.”
  • Decide on “TV Device Manager.”
  • Select “Clean Running Apps” and then click the “Clean Now” button.

5. Reboot your TV using the remote

Remort Samsung TV

You can restart the app by restarting your Samsung TV. On the other hand, the TV doesn’t turn off when you press the power button on your remote. Instead of forcing a restart of your running app, it places it in standby mode. A Samsung TV can be restarted in two distinct ways. Assuming you have your remote close at hand, the first approach is the simplest.

  • Be sure the TV is on (not in standby mode).
  • Keep the power button on your remote depressed. Keep pressing it until the power turns back on, even though the TV will immediately switch off.
  • Activate the Home button.
  • Restart the app you were trying to use by opening it.

Your app should be regularly operating once more as this restarted all of your apps and the TV itself. If not, we still have a couple of tricks under our sleeves.

6. Reinstalling the app


A simple restart won’t work every time. It’s generally better to reinstall your software if it’s still acting buggy. Since this method will wipe that information from the app, carry it with you.

  • On your Samsung remote, press the Home button.
  • The Settings menu may be found in the display’s upper right corner.
  • Locate the app you wish to reinstall.
  • From the list of choices, pick Delete.
  • Going back to the home screen
  • In the screen’s upper right corner, click the Search icon.
  • Reinstall the program after finding it.

Why Is It Important To Restart

It could be a surprise to some to hear that the Samsung TV does not completely shut off when you push the power button on the TV or the remote. Your Samsung TV switches into Stand-By mode when you push the power button on the remote.

A standby low-power option disables the screen while keeping the operating system running to conserve energy. The majority of customers want their TVs to turn on quickly; therefore, this makes it possible.

Any open apps are closed, and the memory is completely cleared when you restart your TV. As described by Samsung, this is a “Cold Boot.” You can cold boot your Samsung TV using one of two methods, as already mentioned.

How Do I Refresh My Samsung Smart TV?

To restart the applications on your Samsung TV, hit the Return button located on the remote control. You will be prompted on a pop-up screen to decide whether or not you want to exit the software. At this moment, you are required to choose “Exit” from the menu on your screen. Utilize the shut-down application from the home menu of the Samsung TV one last time to complete the restart.


Since you last got off the floor and onto your sofa, you have been unwinding there. In addition to this, you are all ready to watch television on the streaming platform of your choice, but the application that you want to use is not launching correctly.


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