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magellan on Samsung TV

More than 3,000 top-notch documentaries and episodes from almost every genre are available on MagellanTV. Every week, the service adds new programming. Without registering, you can explore the website and enjoy a five-minute preview of any documentary you like.

Life Is One: Growing Up Sunbear, which tells the tale of three bear cubs transitioning from life in captivity to life in the wild, is one of the top shows on MagellanTV. For 4K space movies, there are also curated documentary sections. One such selection is Hubble Eye in the Sky 4K, a stunning examination of how the Hubble telescope transformed our understanding of astronomy and the cosmos. The library also has true crime movies and television shows, such as Customs, a reality program that follows Customs Agents in the UK who try to thwart smuggling schemes. With programs like Germany from Above, Spain from Above, and Italy from Above, which cover some of each country’s most interesting destinations from a bird’s eye view, you can even put together a stay-at-home trip guide.

MagellanTV doesn’t make its own shows or movies. Instead, you have access to independent, informative, full-length documentaries that have been gathered from international broadcasters like the BBC and that you have probably never seen before. Many of the documentaries have expert narrators, including renowned art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who provides his voice for The Impressionists series. Try Netflix or Hulu if you’re seeking popular documentaries and docuseries with celebrity narration.

How to Install Magellantv on Samsung Smart TV

ESPN+ on Samsing Smart tv
  • First, connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet using Wifi or any other method.
  • Now go to Home on your TV
  • Now access the Apps icon at the bottom Using the remote.
  • Now, click on the Search Icon at the top and type Magellantv in it.
  • Then the Magellantv app will show you. Press it using Remote.
  • Click Install or Add to Home. (If you are not logged in to the Samsung Account, you must log in.)
  • After some time the application will be installed.

How to Cast Magellantv on Samsung Smart TV Using Android

Android Phone
  • First, connect your Android phone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now download the Magellantv app on your phone and log in to the Magellantv account.
  • Now go to Settings and select Bluetooth and device connectivity. Go to Cast and turn on the wireless display option. (This feature can also be seen in the notification panel of the phone. Or you can use the application called Cast to TV for this.) For this, the phone must support the Casting feature.
  • When you go into Casting you will be shown your Samsung Smart TV. Click it.
  • Now the TV shows the phone screen.
  • You can now launch the Magellantv app on your phone and view its content.
  • Then you can watch it on Samsung TV

How to Cast Magellantv on Samsung Smart TV Using iPhone

  • First, connect your iPhone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  • After that, Download the Magellantv app on your iPhone. And Log in
  • Now go to the Control Center on your iPhone and press the Cast icon there.
  • It will show your Samsung Smart TV. Tap it. Now the Samsung TV shows a code. Enter it into the iPhone.
  • Now the phone screen will show on TV.
  • You can now open the Magellantv app and watch its content.

*How to Cast Magellantv TV on Samsung Smart TV Using Windows PC

  • Connect your Windows computer and Samsung Smart TV to the same WiFi network.
  • Go to Magellantv website and log in now. (Make sure to do this process through the Chrome Browser.)
  • Click on the Notification Panel at the bottom right.
  • Click Expand > Click Connect and it will show your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Click it and the computer screen will appear on TV.
  • Now you can visit the Magellantv website and watch its content. It is shown on Your Samsung Smart TV.

*How much is Magellan monthly?

You can pay for MagellanTV on a monthly basis ($6.99), quarterly ($17.97 every three months), or annual ($59.88) basis. A free seven-day trial of the service is available.

If you have a library card or an active university email address, you can download Editors’ Choice winner Kanopy for free. MagellanTV’s price is also undercut by CuriosityStream ($2.99/month) and PBS Documentaries ($3.99/month), respectively. But if you want 4K content from CuriosityStream, you’ll need to subscribe to the $9.99/month plan.

However, MagellanTV is more affordable than the majority of popular streaming providers. Both Netflix’s Standard tier and Hulu’s ad-free plan cost $11.99 per month. You must subscribe to Netflix’s Premium tier, which costs $17.99 a month, to access 4K video. Compared to MagellanTV, other specialized streaming services for movies are substantially more expensive. For instance, Mubi and The Criterion Channel both cost $10.99 a month.

There are other free video streaming services, but Kanopy has the best selection of documentaries and movies of all of them. Peacock, another Editors’ Choice winner, features several popular films and network TV shows, some of which are documentaries.

The mobile operating systems Android and iOS, video streamers Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and smart TVs all support MagellanTV (LG, Samsung, Vizio, and those powered by Vewd OS). However, MagellanTV does not yet support gaming consoles. Due to your Prime Video subscription, PBS Documentaries is accessible on more platforms.

What is the Magellan app?

You can use the SmartGPS navigator experience on your smartphone thanks to the Magellan SmartGPS app! The sophisticated search engine in this free software has a large database of Points of Interest.

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