3 Ways to Connect Roku to TV without HDMI Port Minutes


Roku has a lot to teach old TVs, but you must first start them conversing with one another. Learn how to connect Roku to a TV without an HDMI connector if you want to use your non-smart TV to enjoy all of the Roku Smart TV capabilities. No matter which Roku you own, these instructions will still work.

All of the current Roku devices and most previous Roku models use HDMI ports. The HDMI connector on your TV can be used to connect the Roku Streaming Stick 4K and Streaming Stick 4K+. Using an HDMI cable, the Roku Express 4K, Roku Express 4K+, Roku Ultra, Roku Streambar, and Roku Streambar Pro are connected to your TV.

Since older TVs—the same ones that need Roku the most—frequently lack an open HDMI port, so using any of these devices can be challenging. Use an HDMI to AV converter to connect a Roku streaming device to a TV without HDMI. A composite out (RCA/AV) that links to the RCA ports on the back of your TV is created by this converter module from an HDMI input. Ensure the AV wires are also inserted into the appropriate color ports.

How to connect Roku to TV without HDMI

Connect Roku to TV without HDMI Port

Before purchasing any extension, it is crucial to be aware of your TV’s input and output connectors. On television, there are several different input-output ports. They can include, but are not limited to, HDMI, RCA/Composite, SCART input/output (Euro connector), Ethernet/Rj45 input, USB ports, Auxiliary jacks, Toslink, Optical input/output system, etc. We’ll talk about RCA and HDMI inputs in this section.

These are the typical kinds of TV input systems that we see. Older TV models might not have HDMI because it is a relatively new connection method. However, recent models come with both HDMI and RCV connections.

1. Connect using composite cables

Some Roku models, which come in a variety, work with composite video inputs. It almost probably does if your television doesn’t have HDMI or composite inputs. Composite ports and component ports look similar. Instead of three, there are five of them, and they are green, blue, red, and white.

If the Roku device does not accept composite video connections, you can purchase a composite to HDMI converter. Follow the instructions to connect your Roku device to your vintage TV; however, composite video cords should be used to connect the devices rather than an HDMI cable.

2. Connect using an HDMI to Av converter

AV Converter

An HDMI to AV converter, a video converter, a USB cable, and a power cable are frequently provided. And also, you can use any of the wires mentioned above to connect to your device.

  • Step 01: Connect the HDMI cables from the Roku device to the adapter
  • Step 02: A/V cables should be connected to the TV’s AV port (yellow, red, and white wires). Then secure the power cord for the adapter.
  • Step 03: Utilizing the same connectors, join the Roku gadget to the TV. Then, join them to a power supply and turn it on.
  • Step 04: After you switch on your device, the Roku signal will appear on the TV. The Roku remote chooses the source on the TV’s screen. AV or TV sources are available.
  • Step 05: Enjoy the content and follow any additional TV instructions!

3. Connect using a Converter Box

A converter box works on the theory that it sits between your TV and your Roku device, converting an HDMI connection to the analog composite that most TVs with no HDMI connections have.

The following instructions show you how to utilize a converter box to connect your Roku device to a TV without HDMI ports:

  • Step 01: Connect your Roku device to the converter’s side with the HDMI port. Put the HDMI cable into the converter for other devices; with the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, plug the device directly into the converter.
  • Step 02: Connect the converter’s three RCA/composite cable outputs to the relevant ports on your TV using the device’s three RCA/composite cable sides. The three wires’ distinct hues will be red, yellow, and white. Find the corresponding colored ports on the TV’s back and plug them in.
  • Step 03: Ensure that your Roku device is powered on.
  • Step 04: Since you aren’t using HDMI, turn on your TV and select the TV/AV input. Enjoy your content after setting up your Roku device as usual.

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Can you use a cable box with a Roku TV?

Inflation is rising in 2022, and you might be looking for cost-cutting measures as financial headwinds intensify. Do you still subscribe to cable television? If you find that your finances are getting tighter every time you fill up your tank, it might be time to stop watching cable TV.

You may now watch your favorite TV episodes, movies, news stories, and sporting events live or on-demand without a cable or satellite subscription.

A strong internet connection and the apps available on your smart TV or a budget-friendly streamer like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV are all you need to cut the cord.

Roku for Old TV without HDMI


When HDMI ports first became available, allowing dependable, robust digital connections from peripherals to TVs, many sets went out of use as the number of streaming and gaming consoles with HDMI connections increased. However, it also implies that streaming gadgets like Apple TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast cannot be connected to TVs without HDMI connections. But now there’s a simple, dependable solution to watch streaming TV on your outdated TV.


If you were unsure how to connect Roku to your TV, this might have cleared that up.

Since Roku devices have an HDMI output system, you can use an AV converter to connect them to TVs with only RCA input connectors. The Roku Express Plus 2018 model can be connected without a converter as they come with both HDMI and composite output systems. The Roku can be connected to a composite input.

However, there is a trade-off in signal quality, particularly for the video. While the composite input system won’t be able to handle and sustain this resolution, HDMI connectors can enable higher quality signals like 1080p. Compared to the HDMI system, this is the composite system’s main drawback.


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