Peacock error code 21 | 6 Ways to Fix ✅[Guide]

When attempting to stream video from the Peacock TV app, Peacock Error Code 21 is one of the frequent error codes that may appear on the screen. You will encounter problems streaming live events, movies, and television shows. Typically, a network or connectivity issue is involved. It might, however, be from a new version of the program or even a problem with the Peacock service itself.

How to fix: Peacock error code 21

When unhappy users attempted to watch material on the platform today, they encountered an error message. Users encountered problems with HDMI connections and external monitors despite having several options to stream Peacock, including on all Apple devices, Vizio SmartCast TVs, and LG Smart TVs.

Some users attempted to attach an HDMI cable to their device to stream material from it onto their TV because Peacock isn’t available on Roku or Amazon Fire TV. However, Peacock clarified today that it does not allow two monitors connected through HDMI. So, if you were one of the customers who attempted to watch Peacock using an HDMI connection, you probably saw the following message: “Something went wrong. I apologize, but your video setup is not compatible. Use the procedures listed below to resolve the issue when Error code 2 is shown.

Peacock tv on Samsung Smart TV

1. Check your internet connection

The main cause of the Peacock Error code 21 is a bad internet connection. Therefore, ensure your computer or other gadget is always linked to a reliable internet connection. Try moving the modem to a higher base or closer to the device if the problem doesn’t disappear. On the other hand, you can attempt restarting the modem by unplugging the router and modem and then plugging them back in again after a brief period.

2. Update your OS

Your gadget must be updated, just like the Peacock TV app. Another cause of Error Code 21 is accessing an out-of-date version of your device. Therefore, see whether there is a new OS or firmware upgrade for your device and install it.

3. You can contact the help center for assistance

The last resort is to get in touch with the Peacock TV support center, let them know there is an issue, and ask for more help if the Peacock TV app is still not working after trying all the previous methods.

4. Re-install The Peacock TV app

If none of the previously mentioned fixes have been successful, contact the Peacock TV support team to inform them of an issue and request additional assistance.

  • Open your specific TV store.
  • The Peacock TV app by searching.
  • A Peacock TV app should be chosen.
  • On the uninstall tab, click.
  • Immediately after uninstalling, select install.
  • Afterward, open the Peacock TV app.

5. Sign out of Peacocktv Account

By just logging out and logging in, many customers can also resolve this Peacock issue code 21. logging out makes removing temporary files that can interfere with the app easier.

6. Clear the app cache and app data

Clear the app’s cache and data to get rid of any temporary files and data that can cause problems while using the app.

When you open an app, your device quickly retrieves information using temporary data kept in cache files. To save you from loading your songs every time you open a music app, for instance, Spotify and Apple Music may cache your most used playlists. To save you from having to download enormous images every time you access a page, browsers like Safari and Chrome will cache large images on websites you frequently visit. Your cellphone could accumulate plenty of unnecessary data over time, making utilizing the apps quite difficult. To make space on your device, you can delete these files.

Clearing your app’s cache and data is a simple and quick process.

How do I fix Peacock streaming problems?  🙂😇 

How do I resolve problems with Peacock on my device?

  • Your device’s Peacock application should be closed.
  • Restart your device by completely shutting it off or unplugging the power, waiting 20 seconds, and then plugging it back in or rebooting.
  • Verify the internet connection on the device.
  • Clear the cache and data on your device.

# How do you clear the cache on a Peacock?

You might need to clear the cache in the Peacock app to get back up and running if the data stored there, which is necessary for playing back streaming video, become corrupted. On an iPhone or iPad, clearing an app’s cache can only be done by uninstalling it first and then reinstalling it from the App Store (see the next section). On Android, though, you can delete the app without clearing the cache.

  1. Open the Settings app, then select Apps.
  2. If necessary, select Peacock after selecting See all apps.
  3. Select Storage and cache.
  4. Select Delete Cache.

Start the app over. If the issue still exists, repeat the process but tap Clear storage. Please take note that emptying the app’s storage will remove all saved data, including your login details.

There may be a way to remove the app cache on some other devices, such as TVs and streaming media players. For specifics, consult the device’s menus as the procedure may vary. Regardless of the device you’re using, reset Peacock and give it another shot after clearing the cache. Since emptying the cache deletes your login details, you might need to sign into your account again.

Why is Peacock TV buffering?


If you have many devices logged into your account, Peacock will continue to buffer. Peacock can be streamed simultaneously on a total of three devices. It is possible to use this, but it can affect how smoothly the video streaming software downloads the right amount of data to play a movie without buffering.

Peacock needs a minimum download speed of 2.5 Mbps in order to watch without buffering. The quantity of bandwidth received will be strained if all three devices are active at once and connected.

The following are additional factors that could lead to the Peacock buffering limit being exceeded:

Cause 1. Peacock Quality Configurations.

When you try to broadcast a video, Peacock frequently freezes since the app streams in high resolution.

Peacock will keep freezing if the quality settings are not compatible with your computer or your internet connection.

Cause 2. Insufficient Internet connection.

If your computer is not connected to a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth speed, you will experience Peacock playback errors.

Before starting to broadcast, Peacock will try to download the necessary files to play the video you’ve selected.

The content will immediately cease if the software is unable to complete this stage because more data will need to be downloaded.

3. reasons Peacock Server Status: Unavailable.

You won’t be able to broadcast without any problems if the Peacock server is down.

The server may not be accessible because of unanticipated downtime or because scheduled maintenance is being performed to enhance the performance of the streaming service.

Here, you may check the status of Peacock’s server.

4. reasons Absence of Memory

Peacock won’t be able to download the necessary cache files to enhance the functionality of the app and stream videos uninterrupted if you are using a smartphone with insufficient memory.

5. reasons the Peacock app is out of date.

Your device’s Peacock app might be out of date.

If the software is out-of-date or if the device has corrupted files, this could occasionally cause your Peacock TV to keep buffering.

Is Peacock free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime

We are all aware that today is the age of hustle, and competition is increasing daily. Similar to this, new players have recently entered the market for video streaming platforms. This guarantees that every audience type gets to view what they want to without having to navigate a predetermined time slot or endure endless advertisements. It also guarantees that the price and quality of the video streaming service are kept in mind. Peacock TV recently joined this list.

The independent video streaming service Peacock TV is not accessible through the Amazon Prime subscription program. These two platforms are somewhat rivals. Peacock TV may appear to be a new player, but thanks to some clever decisions, including making some material free with the support of advertisements, it has cemented its position.

PeacockTV on Samsung Smart TV

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Why do I keep getting an error code on Peacock TV?

Please make sure your connection is robust enough for streaming. Clear the cache and data on your device. In the settings menu of your device, you ought to be able to delete cache and data. On your smartphone, uninstall Peacock and then reinstall it.

Why can’t I log in to PeacockTV on my TV?

There are often only a few possible problems if you’re having trouble entering into your Peacock account. You are using the wrong email address or password. Verify that the email address you used when opening your Peacock account is the one you’re using. You subscribe to cable TV, but you haven’t connected your accounts.

Why do peacocks keep stopping on my TV?

The video is not sent to your device in a single continuous “stream” when you watch Peacock. It is instead delivered in bite-sized “packets.” Your display pauses in the event of a transmission delay as it waits for the subsequent packet. The process of buffering is this.

Does Peacock use a lot of data?

360 MB for an hour of bad quality. 540 MB for an hour at medium quality. 1.26 GB for an hour of great quality. 1.66 GB for an hour at the highest quality.

Why is the PeacockTV app not working on the phone?

Please make sure your connection is robust enough for streaming. Clear the cache and data on your device. In the settings menu of your device, you ought to be able to delete cache and data. On your smartphone, uninstall Peacock and then reinstall it.

Why is the PeacockTV app so weak?

When trying to watch a Peacock program on the same network while downloading or transferring huge files, this could create buffering. Check the speed of your internet connection. You should have a connection with a minimum speed of 3.0 Mbps in order to view our content.


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