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In this guide, we are going to talk about How to Cast NFL+ on Samsung Smart TV

How to Cast NFL+ on Samsung Smart TV Using Android

  • First, connect your Android phone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now download the NFL+ app on your phone and log in to the NFL+ account.
  • Now go to Settings and select Bluetooth and device connectivity. Go to Cast and turn on the wireless display option. (This feature can also be seen in the notification panel of the phone. Or you can use the application called Cast to TV for this.) For this, the phone must support the Casting feature.
  • When you go into Casting you will be shown your Samsung Smart TV. Click it.
  • Now the TV shows the phone screen.
  • You can now launch the NFL+ app on your phone and view its content.
  • Then you can watch it on Samsung TV

How to Cast NFL+ on Samsung Smart TV Using iPhone

  • First, connect your iPhone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  • After that, Download the NFL+ app on your iPhone. And Log in
  • Now go to the Control Center on your iPhone and press the Cast icon there.
  • It will show your Samsung Smart TV. Tap it. Now the Samsung TV shows a code. Enter it into the iPhone.
  • Now the phone screen will show on TV.
  • You can now open the NFL+ app and watch its content.

Is it Possible to Watch NFL Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

In today’s environment, everyone wants a Smart Tv in their house. Smart TVs come in a variety of brands. The NFL Plus programming is not available on all Smart TVs. However, Samsung Smart Tv provides a solution for viewing NFL Plus Content on this Smart Tv. Assume the reader owns a Samsung television. Then read on to find out how to view National Football League programming on Samsung TV. We’ll go through how to view NFL Plus content in this section. That is why we wrote this guide on How to Watch NFL Plus on Samsung TV. Let us begin reading this stuff and learning about this Article.

Can I watch NFL Plus on a Samsung TV?

This is an intriguing aspect to see if the NFL +can be seen straight on Samsung Smart TV or not. The answer is that you cannot presently watch NFL Plus material on smart tv since Samsung Smart does not have direct access to NFL +. However, there is a way to stream NFL Plus content on the Samsung Tv. You may get the NFL application, which has the rights to distribute NFL Plus content. So, dear reader, you’ve loaded the NFL app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Possible Methods for Watching NFL Plus on a Samsung Smart TV


We confirm that NFL + programming is not available on Samsung Tv, however, we do offer another option for watching NFL + content. Below are three ways to watch content on NFL+. Read over all of these approaches before deciding on one. If it feels right for you, go ahead and watch the NFL Plus material.

Method 1: Install NFL Plus on Samsung TV using the NFL App:

This is the first way for installing the NFL app and watching NFL +content via the NFL app. Let’s look at the procedures we mentioned below and install the program.

  • Ascertain that your WiFi is linked to your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Then you need to go to Samsung Smart Tv App store.
  • You must search for the program and put its name in the Searching field (National Football League).
  • You should then select the appropriate application from the list.
  • Select the install option. After installation, you must launch the app and enter the NFL app field.
  • Then navigate to the NFL +section and select the NFL Plus membership.
  • When your subscription expires, you must enjoy NFL + content on your Samsung Smart TV.

What is the difference between NFL Game Pass and NFL Plus?

NFL Game Pass was replaced by NFL+ Premium in the United States. NFL+ Premium provides you with complete and condensed game replays, Coach’s Film, live out-of-market preseason games, live game audio, and live local and primetime Regular Season and Postseason games on your phone or tablet, in addition to all of the benefits of NFL Game Pass.

Does NFL Plus include RedZone?

NFL RedZone is a live broadcast for Sunday afternoon games that concentrate on games where an offense is inside the 20-yard line (in the ‘RedZone’). Furthermore, NFL RedZone promises that you will receive every touchdown from every Sunday Game Day. NFL RedZone is included with Game Pass Pro and Game Pass Essential subscriptions.

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Can you watch every game on NFL Plus?

Live Regular Season and Postseason games on NFL+ are often only available on mobile phones or tablets. Live Regular Season and Postseason games cannot be seen on your television or desktop computer. * NFL+ is exclusively accessible in the United States. Please see our Game Pass International Guide for users outside of the United States.

Why can I only listen to games on NFL Plus?

NFL+ live local and primetime Regular Season and Postseason games are exclusively available on mobile or tablet devices. Authentication with compatible television providers is supported by the NFL App. Depending on your television provider, you may be able to use your pay television credentials to authenticate and view live Regular Season and Postseason games broadcast in your area.

Does Paramount+ have every NFL game?

NFL games may be streamed on compatible devices and platforms by all Paramount+ customers (Essential, grandfathered Limited Commercial, and Premium). The game will be accessible to stream as long as it is broadcast on your local CBS station. On game day, use Live TV to watch all of the action. Choose a topic from the list below to learn more.

Does ESPN+ have all NFL games?

During the 2022 season, the ESPN+ streaming service will broadcast nine NFL games. Select Monday Night Football matches, a Wild Card playoff game, and the London game will all be broadcast live. ESPN+ costs $10 per month and may be combined with Disney Plus and Hulu for a total monthly cost of $14.

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Do you need a TV provider for NFL Plus?

No, it does not. Viewers may, however, watch preseason NFL games live on their linked TV or computer, as well as replays, via NFL Plus. Because the service prohibits casting to a laptop or a smart TV, live regular-season and postseason games, including the Super Bowl, are only available on phones or tablets.

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