Why is My Crunchyroll Screen Black | 5 Ways to Fix

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Fans of Crunchyroll are aware of how annoying it may be when the screen abruptly goes black. You might be curious about the root of this problem and possible solutions. You can solve this frequent issue and restore the expected behavior of your Crunchyroll screen by using the remedies offered in this post. Here, we’ll talk about possible reasons for the black screen, how to fix them, and how to avoid them in the future.

Why is Crunchyroll showing a black screen?

The problem is probably in the Chrome browser. Using a mobile app or watching an intelligent TV typically doesn’t cause a Crunchyroll black screen. Instead, this is only an issue when streaming through a web browser, especially Google Chrome. This is the first time we’ve heard of this happening in other browsers or apps.

Why does Chrome display a black screen on Crunchyroll?

In short, there is a bug in Chrome’s settings or firmware. But let’s examine that in greater detail. There are various causes for Chrome’s potential to black out while watching anime. Four specific things could go wrong:

  • Conflicting extensions
  • Cache architecture
  • Redirects in Popups
  • Poor Internet connectivity

5 Ways to fix Crunchyroll black screen issues


Although it’s not always clear which of these issues is causing a black screen, here’s how to fix each one.

1. Device issue

It might be a problem with the device you are using to access the app if you immediately after logging in or when you press play on a video, see the Crunchyroll Black screen. Your app may not load certain features or perform as intended if there are problems with the Crunchyroll server. Due to scheduled maintenance or an unplanned interruption, the server could not be accessible. You will be able to check the Crunchyroll service status in this situation, but you will regrettably be unable to resolve the technical issue.

2. Bad Internet Connection

A problem with your internet connection is the final and, arguably, most evident cause of a black screen on Crunchyroll. If your ISP isn’t the issue, you might only need to reset your modem:

  • The modem and router must be turned off or unplugged.
  • Be patient for between 30 and 2 minutes.
  • return your modem,
  • reactivate your router
  • As soon as your modem and router’s LEDs indicate a signal, refresh your Crunchyroll page.

3. Clear Cache and Data

Another potential explanation for your encounter with Crunchyroll’s black screen is an overabundance of data that is currently interfering with your streaming. A quick workaround that frequently resolves issues with the app and browser is to clear your cache. On a Google Chrome browser, follow these steps to delete the cache:

  • Dispatch the Crunchyroll website.
  • Look for the lock icon and click on the top bar with the website’s URL.
  • Activate Site Settings.
  • Click Clear Data under the Usage category.

4. Update or Reinstall the App

It’s crucial to make sure you’re running the most recent version of the program if the Crunchyroll app is giving you a black screen.

Visit the App Store or Google Play and look for any upgrades to check if you’ve missed any updates. Reinstalling the app will give it a fresh start if there aren’t any new updates or if the update doesn’t resolve your problem.

5. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Although it has the potential to enhance the viewing experience significantly, hardware acceleration can also be the root of lags and other issues. Due to the increased bandwidth usage and processing required, streaming may become unreliable. Crunchyroll’s black screen issue may be resolved by disabling hardware acceleration because it will be simpler for the website to load and display content.

Here’s how to make the setting in Google Chrome inactive:

  • In the top right corner of your browser, click the three dots.
  • Visit Settings.
  • Pick System.
  • Disable Make use of hardware acceleration.

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Why won t Crunchyroll load on my phone?

If you are paying for the service and are encountering troubles while streaming, you should contact Crunchyroll’s official support. You can fill out a form providing a description of the difficulty you are having.

Will Crunchyroll ever be free again?

We want to encourage as many fans as possible to explore new programming and enjoy the full benefits of Crunchyroll’s premium subscription. Crunchyroll offers fans access to over 1,000 hours of free programming through our ad-supported tier and free programming going forward.

Is Crunchyroll getting rid of free streaming?

Crunchyroll, considered the main anime streaming site, has altered its membership model meaning no freer episodes of your beloved series.

When did Crunchyroll cease being free?

Crunchyroll caused controversy over the weekend when it announced that it would no longer distribute concurrent episodes on a free, ad-supported basis. Some people believed that to suggest that Crunchyroll, which was bought by Funimation in August 2021, will become a fully paid service.

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Is Crunchyroll free in 2023?

To view all new and ongoing series in full, free users will need to subscribe to Crunchyroll’s premium tier,
Starting at $8 per month. All currently accessible content will continue to be free to watch.

How do I fix Crunchyroll not loading?

If you feel that app settings are causing Crunchyroll not working problem, you can reset them by following the below

1. Go to Settings by pressing Windows + I keys together.

  1. Now, click on Applications as shown.
  2. Then, search for Crunchyroll in the Search this list file field.
  3. Click on Advanced Settings as highlighted.

Will Crunchyroll refund me?

Crunchyroll Store Policy 30-Day Return Policy You may return most items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price. The shipping fee will not be returned unless you were delivered an incorrect or damaged item.


Your Crunchyroll screen can be black owing to a connectivity issue, out-of-date software, or an issue with your device. You should restart your device, update the software, and check your internet connection to resolve the problem. You should contact customer service for more help if you need help with these fixes.

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