9 Ways to Fix Roku Blinking White Light Issue [Guide]

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Users may stream their preferred movies and TV episodes on their televisions using the well-liked streaming gadget Roku.

Yet, it might occasionally experience technical problems like any other electrical equipment. The issue with the flickering white light is one of the issues that Roku customers could run through.

The Roku device is malfunctioning due to this issue, which is represented by a white light that blinks continuously. This problem’s root cause may be anything from faulty hardware to connectivity problems.

It might be challenging to resolve this problem, especially if you need more technical expertise. We will go through a few of the typical reasons for the flickering white light problem in this post, along with solutions.

Reasons For Roku Blinking White Light Issue

Your Roku device’s white linking may be flashing for a number of reasons. The Roku remote or the Roku player is where we often locate the white blinking light. The Remote is plugged into the big Roku streaming device, the Roku player, for simple control.

There are a number of causes behind the Roku player’s white blinking light. Let’s examine the issues that are causing the white Roku light to flicker.

  • Connection issue with the cables
  • A software problem might be the cause.
  • Possible issues with your internet connection
  • The Roku screen’s unsupported resolution is a hardware issue with the device.
  • The connection ports are malfunctioning.

All troubleshooting steps are detailed below.

Methods To Fix Roku Blinking White Light


Unlike other advanced devices, Roku devices can be fixed at home even by a non-techy person. Though there might be other complex issues with your Roku device, you can quickly fix this problem on your own. Follow the simple steps below and get your service back in no time.

1. First restart the Roku device

Simple software issues can be resolved by restarting the Roku device. Restarting the device may determine a connectivity problem. If the screen is blank and you cannot see anything, proceed to the next solution.

Follow these easy instructions to restart your Roku device.

  • Press the Home button on this Roku remote while holding it.
  • Search the Menu choices for the settings option.
  • Choose the Power option under System Settings.
  • Choose the option to restart the system, and restart!

It can take several minutes for your system to restart entirely. Verify that the light is usually flashing. Go on to the following step if it still needs to be.

2. Check Cable Connections

The white light often blinks due to connection loss brought on by loose wires. Your Roku device’s cords that link to the TV should be examined. When the Roku displays a white blinking light, it might occasionally be the HDMI or TV port.

In the event that the connections are sound, check the cable for any physical harm. Check to see whether the line is internally damaged by using a fresh one. Try the cords in a different port if the connection ports are having a problem.

3. Change The Display Resolution

Most TV displays cannot accommodate a number of Roku resolutions. If your TV’s resolution isn’t adjusted to what Roku suggests, you can only see a blank screen. With your Roku device, you could also notice a white light flickering in such a situation.

To check for a resolution mismatch issue, link your Roku device to another TV that has a 4K resolution. It’s also possible to set your Roku device’s suggested resolution to match your TV’s display.

4. Factory Reset Device’s Settings

Resetting your smartphone to factory settings is your final choice. Unfortunately, it will delete all of the earlier data that was kept and the chosen locations. Make sure your Roku device is connected to the passwords for all the accounts.

There are two easy techniques for doing a factory reset on your Roku device. The first approach is to reset it using the settings on your Remote. The second approach involves looking for a reset button on your gadget. In some Roku models, a hole could be present in place of a button.


5. Power Outage

The white light flashing was probably caused by the Roku device losing its internet connection if there had been a power outage, which is the most likely explanation.

The Roku will attempt to re-establish its internet connection when it loses it, but it won’t succeed because there is no internet access.

6. Hardware Issue

A hardware issue is yet another potential reason why the white light on your Roku device is flickering. Several users claim that because of shipment problems, their Roku players stopped functioning.

Follow these procedures to ascertain whether or not this is the case:

  • Your Roku device should be free of any cords.
  • On a flat surface, place the Roku device face down.
  • Give the gadget around 10 seconds to idle.
  • Look inside the box by flipping the gadget over. Customer service should be contacted right away if you see anything odd.
  • Try using an HDMI cable to connect your Roku device to your TV.
  • If the Roku usually functions, then a malfunctioning component is most likely to blame. If not, you should take it to a repair facility.

7. Direct connection with modem

Your router may be the main cause of this problem.

In such a case, the connection should be removed from the router and a direct wired connection should be established.

This is very easy to do as the latest Roku devices come with an Ethernet port.

If using an older Roku device you can use an ethernet adapter.

Make sure the Roku settings are changed to a wired connection after connecting the modem to a direct connection.

Go to the network setting of the device and change the connection option.

8. Try restarting your Wi-Fi router.

The cause of the white light may be a Wi-Fi problem.

Restart the router and follow the steps below.

Unplug your Wi-Fi device for a few seconds and then plug it back in.

Now if the white light of the device returns to normal, it means that the problem is related to Wifi.

9. Contact Roku Customer Support

Getting in touch with the Roku customer service staff might be challenging. But, if you are consistently having problems, you should get in touch with them. Several of the frequently asked questions have answers on customer support sites.

Check the warranty on your Roku device, though. Only if your gadget is still covered by warranty should you get in touch with customer service. In another scenario, you ought to replace or fix your device.

Troubleshooting Tips

In addition to the remedies mentioned above, the following advice might assist you in resolving the issue on your own:

If you’re experiencing difficulties getting Roku to connect to your home network, try modifying the DNS settings on your router. Your Roku will be able to locate the correct IP addresses.

Try varying the channel you use if you have a wireless connection to see which is the most problematic.

To connect each Roku device separately, try it if you have more than one.
Contact Roku technical support at 1-800-MY-ROKU if none of the abovementioned ideas succeeds.

What does it mean when the Roku Stick flashes white?

It means there are problems with Wifi or Internet connection.


Finally, the Roku blinking white light problem might be annoying and interfere with your streaming activities. However, following the troubleshooting instructions listed above, you may quickly resolve this issue and resume using your Roku device to watch your preferred movies and TV series.

To make sure your Roku is operating correctly, remember to check your cords, reset your device, and update your software. If you have tried all these fixes and are still having problems, contact Roku support. You may fix the blinking white light by following these instructions and continue gaining the numerous advantages of Roku streaming.

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