2 Ways to Turn off sap on LG Smart TV


LG TV is one of the best brands one could go for when choosing a smart TV. LG TVs with a nice elegant build has many specifications and features including larger screen size and resolution, USB support, speaker systems, intelligent voice recognition, AI recommendations, speech-to-text facility, LG voice search, intelligent edit and screen share.

In this article, the main focus is on the frequently discussed topics regarding the operations of LG TV.

What is the SAP button on a TV Remote?

Samsung Smart TV

SAP stands for secondary audio programming. This is a feature which substitutes the original language of the programme with other languages.

This is a second audio feature for TV programmes. With this feature, users can watch their desired TV programmes in other languages. For example, users can watch a Spanish TV programme in English, Chinese etc. This is an advanced programme for smart TVs.

This allows users around the world to watch the programmes in their mother tongue. The button on the remote for turning on and off the SAP feature is known as the SAP button.

If you do not like this SAP feature, do not worry, you always have the option of turning it on or off.

2 Ways to Turn off the SAP feature on the LG smart TV.

1 . It is practical to disable the SAP feature on smart TVs. Stated below are two different methods to turn on and off the SAP feature of the smart TV.

The most convenient, easiest and fastest method to turn on and off the SAP feature of the smart TV is by the SAP button on your remote. By pressing the SAP button on your TV remote, you may easily enable or disable the SAP feature of the smart TV.

2. If in case, your smart TV’s remote does not have an SAP button on it, then you can follow the next method. That is using the UI feature. This method may have slight variations from TV to TV of different TV brands, but this is the universal method to enable and disable the SAP feature.

First using UI on your TV, go to the settings using your remote. Then go to the ” audio ” settings or the “sound ” setting. The “language” option can be found after that. Finally, activate the SAP feature by going there.

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Is there an SAP feature on LG smart TV s?

Yes, the SAP feature could be found on LG smart TVs.

How do I get the hidden menu in my LG Smart TV?

This is a bit tricky to find out. You may follow the given steps to find out the hidden menu of the LG smart TV.

First, turn on your smart TV. Then press the “set up” key on the remote control for about 7 seconds or you may hold pressing the key until some information appears in the top left corner of the smart TV. Then press 1,1,0,5 key and press “ok”. Then the hidden menu will appear on the screen towards the left side.

These steps could be followed if you do not have a Menu button on your remote. The steps may slightly vary from one brand to another.

Can you set up the LG smart TV without a remote?

Yes, you always can! If you have spilt some liquid like a coffee or some drink on your TV remote or if you have misplaced your TV remote, worry no more! There are methods to switch on and set up your LG TV without using the remote. Given below are different measures that you could take to switch on and set up your LG smart TV without having a remote.

The best way to do this is to access the smart TV by using LG Think Q, which is LG’s official application, which is available on both the Play store and App store. Here is how to use the LG smart TV with the Think Q app.

Turn the TV on with the physical button. On top of the screen, you will see a ‘+’ symbol when you open the app. Then go to “home appliances” to select your LG TV model.

Enter the verification that pops up, in the app. Now you can control your LG smart TV with the virtual buttons on the home screen of your app. You can control the smart TV with apps other than Think Q but you definitely need an IR blaster on your phone for that. Sending commands to the smart TV is not possible with smartphones without an IR blaster, through third-party applications.

Universal TV remote control app is such an app with basic functions. Android TV remote is another app that connects via Wi-Fi but only to TVs powered by Android. You could also use Amazon Fire TV remote with an Amazon Fire TV box for the same purpose.

How to reset the LG smart TV?

First press the smart button on your remote. Next click the Gear icon on the top right. Then click “General” and click “Reset to initial settings”.

Then the TV will restart. Initially select your language and the country. By selecting the location, you gain the facility to stream the content designed for your location and also access such apps designed for your area.

Then choose the method of connecting to the internet. For the first question coming up, select “home”. Then select the method for how you get the TV signal. Then comes the setting up of the local area code. After setting that up, click “ok”.

If you are using a satellite receiver or a cable box, you should select the input that it is connected to. The service provider is chosen next.

If you are not using the satellite receiver or the cable box, select how you would receive the TV signal. After doing all of these, auto-tuning performance by the TV itself could be observed, to find the channels that are available.

Read the legal notice, and click next. Then read the user agreements and then click “agree” to proceed. You can always go back to change the data or access the settings later. This is the end of the procedure to reset the LG smart TV.

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